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Candidate Experience

Commanding the Candidate Experience: 3 Tactics You Haven’t Tried Before

When I started my first job in social media, flash mobs were all the rage. Seriously, there were flash mobs for everything. Proposals, music videos, puppies and of …

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Candidate Experience

Why You Should Address Job Seekers’ FAQs (and How)

They’re frequently asked questions for a reason… Do you remember looking for a new job? No doubt you had more than a few outstanding questions beyond what you ...
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8 Reasons Why Recruitment Marketing Leaders Are Heading to Boston

When was the last time you did something for you? I don’t mean a little “treat yourself” moment (but yes, you should 100% have that cookie). I mean, ...
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Google Cloud Talent Solution’s Fix for Remote Job Seekers (and Why I Wish It Existed 10 Years Ago…)

A decade ago, my workday usually started like this: 6 am: Wake up, throw on my shoes, and sprint out the door for a quick run 6:30 am: ...
Career Site Optimization

You Are What You Search: How to Write Job Posts from the Candidate’s Perspective

There are personality tests that will try to make you pick between an apple or orange, red or blue, all in an attempt to collect this series of ...
Candidate Experience

Moving From Transaction to Relationship in Talent Acquisition: Funnel vs. Infinity Loop

I have a new lens for thinking about the process of talent acquisition. It centers around the idea that we need to show our process as an infinity ...