I don’t know, it’s an interesting memo from Benioff’s, but he does come across as a little too high on himself if you ask me. Yes, SalesForce.com has a great company, and they are doing the ASP model nicely, but his comments about Microsoft not contributing anything to the Internet makes you tune him out. The rest of his memo was just ra-ra stuff.

On the other hand, Ozzie’s memo was clearly articulated and instead of slamming the competition, he explained the landscape and opportunities in front of Microsoft. Looking at where Microsoft is, with like 46 BILLION in the bank, and with a LOT of smart people…um, I think I’ll bet on Microsoft. And contrary to the Web 2.0 enthusiasts, desktop software is not going to be obsolete in the next few years. Yes, there is going to be many web-based services out there, but the natural progression with Web-services and everything “connected” will the emergence of business’es build on SOFTWARE + SERVICES. That will be the sweet spot. Hmm…I wonder what company is best poised to move in that direction . 🙂

Microsoft has many core competencies, but one that doesn’t get much notice is memo writing. In fact, they have some damned effective memo writers. They also have effective memo leakers. So, it turns out, does one of the software giant’s…

[Via BusinessWeek Online — Tech Beat]

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