Well, I’ve finally decided to launch my own blog…It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say…but it’s always a time-thing with me. It was also a workflow/technology thing. I’ve used many RSS readers and I’ve tried a few blogging tools like community server/MSN Spaces, Blogger, and now WordPress. From what I’ve seen in the feature set…I like wordpress. Time will tell though.

Along with this blog, I’m actually in the midst of launching my own company. It’s right in line with what’s happening in the Web 2.0 world…..the “programmable web” and software as a service. My model doesn’t,however, rely on advertising…as I don’t think my service will attract that type of eyeballs. But I DO think my service will be one that will typify what happens in the new web 2.0 world. If you read the now (1 day old) famous memos of Ray Ozzie and Bill gates, you will notice that he focus on both Software AND services..and varies ways to pay for those services…one of which is Advertisements. However, payment for services themselves will be common…as they do provide tremendous value over having to build and support the infrastructure to run the services themselves.

SmashFly will be providing this type of B2B web-service allowing companies with any type of HR application, whether it’s Word, Access, a Java App, or PHP app, and connecting them to the hundreds of job boards and posting destinations that exist. It’s a pure services play…we provide a very elegant and easy to implement SOAP API…you just connect your app.

In addition, we’re heavily invested in the .NET and Biztalk technologies…and there is just tremendous innovation and features coming out of Microsoft right now. We will be building the “software” side of the “software and services” Ozzies talks about in the coming months. In fact, we think the combo of slick VISTA/ Smart Client 2.0 application combined with a very easy to use SOAP interface can provide tremendous value to companies. It’s where we think the technology space is heading….at least in terms of B2B.

So, there’s the launching point of this blog. I wiil add that this blog will NOT be a continuous ad for SmashFly or it’s services. It’s more my place to contribute about what’s going on and being talked about in the Blogosphere and learn from others as well…and that’s the part I love.

Oh, and my “Setup” for blogging? I use the RSS Bandit RSS reader, which integrates with the w.Bloggar posting tool, which in turn integrates to WordPress through their API. And it works REALLY well for me…I love the power of windows based app, combined with the services in the cloud. Now that I have a setup that makes it trivial to participate…i’ll be posting early and often. Thanks for stopping by!


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