Every once in a while, I’ve decided I’ll drop a new posting on my Blog reminding developers that they no longer need to develop integrations with the major job boards. Yes, this is a little salesy on my part, but hey, it’s my blog! 🙂 . Seriously though…as all you know, getting the word OUT there of your product or service offering is the hardest thing to do. I’ve decided, at SmashFly, to start the process early. We are still in the final stages of completing our main service offerings, but I know that it will take time to get the word out…so little posts like this, hopefully picked up by the search engines, will help ensure that if you are looking for a pre-existing API to post to Job Boards like Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, or even America’s Job Bank, we have you covered. Also, if you’ve got a board you want to integrate with, we’ve got you covered too…as long as they accept postings in some format, our engine can deliver it, and our SOAP API already supports it, as we do the “tricky” work behind the scenes.

I’d recommend you check out our site at www.smashfly.com and read more about the service. We are very different than the other “posting distribution” companies out there which are much more focused on creating a strategic posting partnership with you, then offering you an API. If your looking for a HR partner to help you build a complex posting strategy(and of course willing to pay for all that), then please do check out companies like TruStar or Recruit USA. We are NOT a HR Posting Expert!

But, we are experts at integrated posting distribution technology. If your looking to extend your existing application with a SOAP API Web-Service call, or other easy integration technology, we’re your company. We differ from the competition in that we are ONLY a technology and web-services company, and have the easiest, most flexible API in the market today. Oh, by the way, we’re also the least expensive because of our unique focus on creating a solid, usable API component. Check us out at www.smashfly.com, and make sure you check back here, or subscribe to this RSS feed to keep updated on the latest technology and features we will be bringing to market over the coming year. We’re really excited about this opportunity because we KNOW that our service and product offerings are going to shine out in the marketplace…and we’re looking for some smart companies to start taking advantage of the offerings we have, and to also help us grow by providing feedback and insight into your needs going forward

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