So, if you are a company that is legally obligated to post jobs to America’s Job Bank , you are most likely well aware that the site will be shut-down on July 1st, 2007, as in 3 days! Everyone is waiting to hear what the new goverment mandate will be for companies who are federal contractors, but the current consensus is that companies will now be obliged to post their jobs on the local state job board of where the job resides.

This now means that if you hire nationally, you have the heavy burden of needing to navigate and post your jobs up to 50 different sites! That’s in addition to where you might already be posting your jobs , such as Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. At SmashFly, we are now supporting ALL the state boards, and will provide a very low-cost solution to companies who need to get their jobs posted to any boards…including the local state board!

You can learn more about SimplePost here.

If you need a quick solution to ensure your compliance, SimplePost can have you up and running in a couple days! Check it out.

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