At SmashFly, we are laser focused on creating the first, and best talent marketing platform on the market today. We are building tools that apply the tried & true marketing techniques found in every marketing department to the concepts of  talent marketing.

In marketing, everything comes down to your funnel, and being able to have insight into each stage of your funnel allows you to fine tune your strategies to improve the performance, and ultimately, hire better candidates faster.

The first critical part of the funnel, is the top. How many “visitors” or “impressions” do your ads get? In the talent marketing world, this equates to job description “views”. How many times is your job viewed on any given job board, or through an email marketing campaign or on a google ad? Luckily, for many boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, etc, this data is readily trackable, however many smaller, niche boards continue to restrict the job description to text only. Although they may allow a recruiter to login to their “Walled Garden” to view internal statistics, that data is far more usefull as a marketing tool when integrated with a talent marketing platform.

Therefore, to job boards that only allow text job descriptions: You are putting unnecessary roadblocks in front of companies who are trying to build and manage an efficient talent marketing campaign. By only allowing your statistics to be viewed inside your own site, you are being short sighted and are greatly dimishing the value of the data. Time to open up and allow companies to include simple applytracking techniques that push that data to a platform (it doesn’t have to be ours) to enable companies to have ACTIONABLE data. This is not a big technical deal/or effort and your clients will thank you very much for doing so.

My message to companies who are marketing jobs on job boards: Demand that the job board you post/market your jobs on allow for embedded tracking (just like google analytics does) where you can place a line of code in your job description which pushes the “views” data to your marketing system enabling you to measure how well it does. Use your buying power to make changes that not only will benefit your company, but the ability of any company to make more informed decisions.

This request is not asking a lot of these job boards, such as Linked-in, stylecareers, and many others. This is not a technical issue, but perhaps an internal strategy issue. They may not realize the value of this data, when combined with other marketing data, or perhaps they are making a conscious design to not allow the tracking to better hide the overall performance of their site. Either way, the end result hurts the companies who are looking to improve on how they reach candidates, and it’s something that can be resolved in short order.

I’ll talk more about this issue in the coming months and will also highlight when a given job board does make the decision to free their view/apply statistics data to an outside system…they should be recognized and encouraged by companies looking for a way to improve their knowledge and recruiting efforts.

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