If you’ve followed anything we’ve done at SmashFly, you will notice that we are constantly evolving both our product and message to the market. We need to keep fine tuning our services to be laser focused on the specific space we are working in and make sure we are properly communicating that to our prospective audience.

Back in March/April we were using “Talent Marketing Platform” to describe the set of services we are offering….but upon talking with clients, and looking at how “Talent” is used throughout the HR space, we’ve decided to slightly change that messaging to our “Job Marketing Platform”. Talent is used to describe work-force planning, retention, and a number of other things. We felt that our core message was being lost in the ambiguity of that term….and so we’ve changed that on our web-site and in all our messaging. We are squarely focused on creating the first and most robust job marketing platform today….and we are well on our way!

Stay tuned for some new updates to our website …where we will be adding some content that more clearly describes our unique approach and technologies..

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