We’re a small company at Smashfly, so we don’t have the luxury of spending huge amounts of marketing dollars on banner ads or running large email campaigns. We get the message out through our corporate site at http://www.smashfly.com and through sites like this blog.

More importantly though, is that our customers are are biggest advocates…and our best chance to help spead the word about what we are building. Here’s a new quote from our latest client, with their permission of course 🙂 , that will be added to the “What people are saying” page on our website. This quote comes from Lindsay Deak of Wireless generation.

“Wireless Generation searched high and low for a tool that would enable us to accurately track metrics and the effectiveness of our postings, post easily with our preferred sites, chose exactly where our ads would show up and easily integrate with our ATS.  Smashfly not only offers a great tool, they also provide excellent customer service and they are always readily available to answer any questions that we have or help us troubleshoot.  After speaking with the Smashfly team and viewing Smashfly’s Wildfire demo we knew that we had found our ideal partner.”

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