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In Dr. John Sullivan’s article, Emerging Talent Acquisition Trends for 2010: Are You Ready for a Roller Coaster? (Part I of III), he predicts 10 topics that will dominate the recruiting landscape in 2010.  While he has many interesting points in this article, one in particular caught our eye: Negative Employer Branding.  As he predicts in the article:

Negative employer branding: Whether organizations acknowledge it or not, social media is a force that will impact them for better or for worse. 2010 will be a year in which employees, past and present, really start to influence how organizations are perceived by being more vocal about their experiences. As more and more online communities expose their content to search engines, transparency will abound. Is your glass house shatterproof?

It’s clear that Employer Branding will continue to grow in importance with the increased proliferation and use of social media tools.  The question is how can you successfully improve your employer branding and build advocates in your target applicants?  Here are a few ideas for your employer branding and recruitment marketing strategy:

1. Utilize Your Employees as Advocates

One of the greatest resources you have for employer branding are your current and former employees.  The question is how can you encourage them to spread positive buzz to potential rockstar employees?  One way is by creating a great referral program.  Not only will this incentivize current employees to act as brand ambassadors to their professional networks but it will also likely increase the quality of the applicants that you receive (as your best employees will more than likely bring in like-minded and skilled applicants.)  In addition, you may want to open this up to your alumni as well.  One thing is to hear great reviews from an current employee but another is to hear great reviews from a participant with little invested in the company in question.

2.   Re-visit your Careers Page

Your careers page can be a great way to provide high potential applicants with a better feel for your company culture as well as preemptively answer questions they might have.  Be cognizant of the messaging that you provide applicants about your company and include information on topics that are important to them such as work/life balance, work environment, company vision, employee testimonials, etc. (Take time to think about these topics.)  The overall goal is to give them a healthy expectation of what working at your company would be like, so they can become excited about the opportunities you provide.

3. Make Social Media a Hub for Company News

As potential applicants research your company, they are more than likely to come upon your social footprint online which is great.  This allows you the opportunity to control the flow of the conversation to resources such as your company blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools and point to resources and conversations that champion your company brand and provide a positive view of your company.  Lastly, make use of different types of media from blog articles to video in order to engage top applicants in different ways.

Overall, Employer Branding can have a important impact on the success of your recruiting efforts and there are a variety of things you can do to encourage positive buzz for your company that will enable you to attract and grow your applicant pool.

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  1. Interesting post. Do you think this will affect employees also? For example, somebody gets bad feedback from a job they did. Will there be anything in place to protect individuals from this?

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