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Today, we officially announced our recruitment marketing technology partnership (click to read press release) with TalentDrive and their TalentFilter product.  This partnership will yield tremendous benefits and results for SmashFly and we’re extremely excited to provide TalentDrive’s powerful resume sourcing and proactive recruitment marketing tools to our clients.

But what does this mean to our WildFire recruitment marketing platform and how will this change how clients will use it?

First, let’s discuss what hasn’t change.  WildFire still provides all the great components that it always has.  Easy job ad distribution, real-time recruitment metrics, Recruitment Marketing Database, Recruitment CRM and our innovative Web Commercials are all still powerful components available on our WildFire platform.

What we’ve added with TalentDrive is the ability to proactively source resumes anywhere on the web (paid & free job boards, social media sites, alumni networks, niche resume databases, etc.) directly from the WildFire system.  This feature will be similar to launching a campaign on a job board in our system.  A recruiter will choose the TalentDrive option and then the TalentFilter application will automatically search through and source resumes based on the inputted requirements for the position and direct viable candidates to the companies career site.

This new functionality yields interesting synergies with two of our components, namely our Recruitment Marketing Database and our Recruitment CRM.  Here’s how this new partnership will make these components even more powerful:

  1. Recruitment Marketing Opt-In Database
    • What is it?: This database allows contacts from your recruiting campaigns to easily add themselves to your Talent Network for future job openings.
    • How does it interact with TalentDrive: Through TalentDrive’s innovative proactive marketing and auto-email technology companies will be able to easily launch resume sourcing searches that will automatically drive candidates to their career sites for open positions.  The Recruitment Marketing Opt-In Database can be used to collect and store contact information of these candidates through an easy intermediate step in the apply process.  These candidates can then be used in future job campaigns thus increasing their overall recruiting ROI.  (See our Recruitment Marketing case study results about this component.)
  2. Recruitment CRM
    • What is it?: Our Recruitment CRM is a database that enables companies to collect and manage your sourcing contacts in one centralized solution.
    • How it interacts with TalentDrive: TalentFilter will enable all our clients to easily source resumes from anywhere on the web for open or future positions.  Our CRM will enable companies to store and categorize the candidate resume and contact information they collect from these sourcing campaigns.

Our partnership with TalentDrive will make SmashFly and our WildFire platform a much more powerful tool in helping our clients recruit better candidates faster.  For more information on our Recruitment Marketing Platform, please visit our website or email us at info@smashfly.com.

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