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Recruitment MarketingIt is becoming abundantly clear that the recruiting landscape is increasingly changing.  Companies are becoming more competitive and creative in the ways that they attract top talent.  It’s no longer viable to just write a generic job description, post it to a few job boards and cross your fingers and hope for some great candidates.  Companies that want to be more competitive in recruiting need their recruiting professionals to see their roles less as an administrative function and more of specialized marketing role.

Recruiting is marketing in the clearest sense where you are trying to sell your product (your company & the position) to the best potential customers (candidates).  All in all, the Best recruiting companies are the ones that have the best recruiting marketers.  So how can you think more like a marketer in your recruitment marketing process.  Here’s a few areas you can focus on:

Messaging: Great marketers provide clear, concise messaging that accurately presents their overall value proposition.  What are top 3 compelling reasons your company is a great employer?  Identify these and make sure to highlight them in all your job ad and career site messaging.  Lead with your best to make sure qualified candidates understand what you bring to the table.  (I won’t touch the job description vs. job advertisement issue here but understand that you need to treat your job postings as advertisements and not lists of qualifications.)

Broadcast: Having great concise messaging is great but it’s worthless if nobody hears it.  Utilize a variety of channels to broadcast your recruiting messaging from social networks to blogs to your internal employee email lists.  Once you have your great messaging, let it run wild and spread.

Metrics: Any marketer worth their weight has built metrics to measure the success of their marketing efforts and recruiters should do the same.  Set up and collect internal metrics that show you your recruitment marketing funnel is doing.  A good internal metrics system can tell you a lot about your recruiting from potential bottlenecks in your funnel to under-performing recruiting channels to a broken apply process.  Recruitment metrics can give you the pulse of your recruiting strategy.

You need to be able to change your mindset to recruit competitively.  You have to not look at it as doing a candidate a favor for providing them with a job but as if they are potential customer (the best customer) looking to buy your product.  Think like a marketer and recruit better talent!

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