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When you are building your Talent Network it is important to understand what types of recruiting contacts should be part of your Network.  Recruiting contacts can include those collected in dual purpose job ads, through sourcing campaigns, applicants that enter your ATS, social recruiting followers and most importantly your current employees.  One group of recruiting contacts that is forgotten and outright dismissed by organizations is your past employees.

When employees move on to another organization, they often get lost in the shuffle or in the worst cases are outright separated from the organization.  However, when these former employees represent a tremendous opportunity for your Talent Network.  The question is how do you get them involved in your recruiting process and make sure they say nice things about your organization.
Here are a few ideas:

Be Nice:  When your current employees move on to what they consider a better opportunity or are let go, support them.  Make sure that you work with them to leave the organization fairly.  That includes passing on their current work, helping them with benefits and enabling your current employees to continue to interact with these employees.

Here’s an example: A company I used to work for had a wide round of layoffs.  As they let people go, they made everyone sign an agreement that said current employees couldn’t write recommendations for employees that were laid off.  That’s not the way to get former employees to say good things about your company.

Ask Permission:  As employees exit your organization include in your outboarding process the ability to provide you with an email address to contact them about recruiting opportunities.  Let them know that you will include them in your job distribution campaigns and will provide them with the internal referral reward for any contacts that you hire or to let them know about opportunities that they would fit their skill-set.

Keep in Touch: For every contact that opts in, make sure to keep in touch.  Whether it’s through email, LinkedIn Groups or alumni events, make sure to keep in touch with your Alumni network to foster good will and hopefully win the best employees back.

Just because your employees go on to another opportunity doesn’t mean you need to cut ties with them.  Their network of connections can provide a tremendous value to your organization in your recruitment marketing and employer branding campaigns.  However, this network can only provide value if you treat them well and keep connected with them.

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