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Every so often on this blog I like to highlight some of the companies that we work with that are doing some interesting things in their recruiting.  I highlight these companies as they are leveraging data and Talent Networks to drive innovation in their recruitment marketing strategies in a way that I believe can help other organizations potentially improve their recruiting processes.

Here are a few examples of companies that are utilizing their internal recruiting metrics and processes in a very interesting way:

Geo-location: A Fortune 1000 company recruits for many of it’s positions within specific geographic locales.  For most of these positions, they would like to hire candidates that would not have to relocate for the position.  So fittingly on their job ads they placed locations within the subject heading and in the appropriate locales on job boards such as Craigslist.

As they were posting their jobs and looking at the geo-location they collected (for each applicant), something stood out to them.  In an area where they recruit heavily, the majority of applicants were coming from an area that wasn’t the one they were targeting.  As a test, they published a job ad to this specific location for the same position.

The Result: They received TWICE the number of qualified candidates as before.  Now they look at the geo-location data of every job distribution campaign they have and have seen considerable success in the number of qualified candidates they are capturing.

Are job boards equal?: A energy and power company distributed their jobs through the same recruiting channels for every job they posted.  The recruiting mix consisted of a major job board (with yearly contract), job search engine Indeed and a few niche job boards.  After collecting 6 months of data, they saw a major problem in their strategy.  They were paying $70,000 a year for inventory to a major job board but it wasn’t in the top 2 recruiting channels in terms of performance for their organization.  Indeed and the niche boards were performing three times as good for 1/20 of the price they were paying the major job board.

Come time to re-negotiate with the major job board, they didn’t continue the partnership instead opting to do Sponsored Listings on Indeed.

The Result: They are now receiving more qualified candidates for 1/8 the cost of what they were spending before.

Building a Talent Network:  A large financial organization wanted to build a large database of candidates in a short period of time.  To do so, they did a few things.  First, they decided to make their job ads serve a dual purpose.  Not only did they want them to drive applicants into their ATS but they wanted to also collect qualified candidates that weren’t ready to apply quite yet.  With a quick opt-in form in the apply process they were able to capture 50% more candidates than they had previously in these campaigns.

Second, they put opt-in forms on their other recruiting hubs including their Career Site and social recruiting channels.

The Result: Through these initiatives, they’ve been able to build over 20,000 contacts in less than 4 months and are beginning to utilize these contacts to fill their current open job positions.

There are a lot of great stories out there of recruiting organizations doing innovate things to increase the ROI of their recruitment marketing campaigns.  I encourage you to listen to these stories, find ones that you think would work for your organization and most importantly try them out.  Success stories from other organizations may or may not work for your organization but once you find strategies that work they can be a major catalyst for your recruiting strategy.

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