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Today’s post is a guest blog post by Erin Palmer.

The need for temporary workers is increasing. Hiring managers are realizing the value of finding people who can quickly learn the ropes. The best temporary employees can work independently and efficiently.  The following tips can help employers get the most from hiring and training their temporary workers.

  • Be thorough and particular when hiring temporary employees. Potential temps are much more likely to succeed at their work if they have enough information beforehand.  Paint an accurate and honest picture of the job from the very start so they know exactly what is expected.  Also, ask as many specific questions as necessary to ensure that your potential hire has the qualities, experience and skills you need for them to complete the work.
  • Train your temps quickly but completely. A temp job requires different training than a permanent job.  Because of the short nature of most assignments, temps need to get up to speed quickly. The better they are trained, the easier the transition will be for everyone.
  • Make introductions your priority.  Use email or a quick meeting to introduce temps to the staff.  Your new hires need to know who they will be working with and who they can turn to for help.  Also, your permanent team should be aware of exactly what the temps are working on.  This way, they can offer to assist when necessary. Give your temps a list of your staff and their functions so they will have a handy reference when they need to ask for help.
  • Make sure your temps have all the information they need right out of the starting gate.  Provide any plans, goals or other data that may be pertinent to the assigned job.  Explaining details for every aspect of the work can prevent confusion and make room for effective workers.  All employees, whether temporary or permanent, work better when they understand why they are doing something and exactly how to do it.
  • Provide your temporary employees with all the resources they need to do their jobs well.  By giving them access to shared files and relevant websites, they can easily access answers and information on their own. Remember that they will need to know things like how to answer phone calls or what the company’s email reply policy is.
  • Give specific feedback on the job your temp is doing.  Schedule time soon after they start to offer them positive comments on their performance as well as clear instructions in any areas they need to improve in.  If they are making any mistakes, they need to know about them in order to save time in the long run.

Temporary workers are an extremely valuable part of today’s workforce. Many companies find themselves in need of qualified employees for short periods of time.  Employers who hire their temps wisely and train them quickly will almost always be rewarded with a consistently successful temporary work force!


About the Author: Erin Palmer & University Alliance provided this article on behalf of Villanova University’s online programs. Villanova offers human resources certification courses in addition to a human resources degree program. For more information please visit http://www.villanovau.com.

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