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On this blog, we’ve spoken about a good deal about candidate experience and how your can improve the overall experience.  From going over the different stages of the process that affect it to why candidates drop off the apply process, we’ve covered a number of varying topics around the candidate experience.

But I wanted to go back to our posts and create a laundry list of sorts from all the tangible things you can do today that can help improve your candidate experience.

Here’s the stream of consciousness list (I know I probably will miss a bunch, please add in the comments):

  • Improve your job titles for search by adding location and less generic terms (should help be found in search)
  • Update the UI of your career site and application technology.  And if you have it, scrap the iFrame.
  • Trim your job applicationto only gather information required for an effective initial screen.
    • A Simple Test: Take the application yourself.  If it takes more than 5 minutes to complete, then you have some trimming to do.  Remember you can always collect more necessary information from candidates after the initial screen.
  • Interact and engage these Talent Network candidates with targeted messaging and jobs on a weekly or monthly basis (generic messaging is OK but content that is targeted is that much more effective.)
  • Measure your candidate experiencewith key recruitment metrics and through varying methods including:
    • Recruitment Funnel Metrics
    • Sources of Hire / Influence
    • Candidate Surveys
    • Contact Surveys
  • Build targeted messaging on your Career Site for different candidate populations.
  • Utilize mobile recruiting to capture candidate information easily on the go or at events such as Career Fairs or Networking Conferences.
  • Ensure that you have opt-in forms and landing pages that are mobile friendly.  If you have this you can make it as easy as having a candidate scan a QR code to launch your opt-in forms.
  • Your Career Website should be mobile friendly.  While creating an app can work, it can be unnecessary if your Career Site can be navigated well on mobile.
  • Close the loop on all communications with a candidate.  If they submit an application, at the very least, provide a final status email for their application.  These communications can be automated for rejected candidates but should be more personal as you get farther in the process (i.e. all interviewed clients should receive a phone call, etc.)
  • Institute features such as social recruiting profiles or IM chat on your Career Site to provide candidates with instant access to recruiters on your team.  If done, there should be adequate resources to support this.
  • Use different types of content including email, SMS, video, blogs, info-graphics to engage and communicate with candidates on why they should want to work for your organization.

This is just the first batch that I’ve come up with but there are a number of other great things that you can do to improve your candidate experience.  The key is to understand the value you want to provide and determine the resources you have to implement many of these projects.  Then measure it with recruitment metrics to determine how it affects the overall bottom line.

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