SmashFlyWe are excited to announce that SmashFly Technologies has won the 2013 OnRec “Creative Online Marketing” award for suppliers.  Obviously, it is always great to receive an award for the hard work you do but we are really excited about this award in particular for a few reasons.

First, we really pride ourselves on being able to educate and offer up new ideas to the recruiting space through our online marketing efforts.  Whether it’s through this blog, downloadable content (see a few white papers here) or our Twitter profile @smashfly, we continuously look to be helpful and provide value to recruiters looking to improve their strategy and processes.  We truly believe in what we provide and sell and really value sharing in the discussions happening in the recruiting marketplace.  So to win an award for these efforts is just icing on the cake.

Second, it is an honor to be recognized by an industry publication that knows the recruitment industry as well as OnRec.  They are truly on the pulse of what’s happening in the recruiting & sourcing space and are a great resource for any recruiting organization trying to keep up to date with industry news. So having our marketing efforts being chosen by them is definitely humbling.

If you don’t already, I highly encourage you to check OnRec out at their website ( and via their Twitter profile (@onrec).  I also suggest you to take a look at the other OnRec Award Winners this year.  It’s a great collection of innovative companies doing some very cool things in recruiting and sourcing.

Overall, we hope you continue to enjoy and learn from this blog and we will continue to provide the best content and ideas we can for the present and future of recruiting.

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