Employer BrandingIf you are a fan of golf or just like history, the world’s most prestigious golf tournament, The Masters, is starting today at Augusta.  While the 2013 Masters offers a bevy of great story-lines with Tiger’s recent resurgence to Bubba Watson’s tearful defense of last year’s title, I really always tune in for the tradition of it all from Jim Nance’s broadcasting to how they incorporate the greats of the game into the event.

Every year, the Masters invites ambassadors of the game to hit the first shot off the tee to begin the tournament.  Once again golfing legends Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus (along with the great Gary Player) were invited to take the ceremonial first shot (see video here).  It’s one of my favorite parts of the tournament and a great tip of the hat to the players that made the tournament such a special event in golf.

While this is tradition and will continue regardless, it’s also a terrific branding exercise for the tournament for a number of reasons:

  • It highlights the past greats and plays up the tradition of the golf tournament.  A big reason why casual sports fans will tune into NBC for the Masters.
  • It’s a great way to get older fans to tune in and introduce them to the new generation of golfers that are playing today.
  • Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are tremendous ambassadors for the game of golf and involving them in the tournament increases exposure and helps to display the tournament in a very positive light.

So I got to thinking, many companies are doing a lot of employer branding campaigns on their Career Sites that involve current employees.  And I understand the value as they can interact with candidates and can display the possibilities now of working for your company.

But what are you doing to highlight past superstars that got their start at your company?

In many cases, I understand it’s not possible due to them working for a competitor or not wanting to participate.  But I’m sure there are some great stories of company alums that have retired and done some great and cool things because they worked for your organization.  These types of stories and campaigns can show candidates not only that you provide great current opportunities but also have a history of offering employees the means and resources to do great things.  Just an idea but I think one that can be powerful in attracting talent to your organization.

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  1. Great take on this Chris. I’m a Masters fan as well and love it when Arnie and Jack tee off. Highlighting our original people that got their start here is an excellent idea. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment, Todd! Glad you liked it. Definitely enjoy watching the Masters, it’s one of the few golf tourneys I’ll seek out to watch.

  2. Sorry, but any employer which espouses diversity and inclusion would avoid Augusta National like the plague

    Much better to associate with The Open Championship, which is actually the greatest golf championship in the world. :-))

    • Alastair, point taken. Definitely wouldn’t model my organization after Augusta National’s policies.

      I do think the Masters does a great job of branding themselves, however, and there are some really good lessons to take from that.

      Thanks for the comment!

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