Recruitment InnovationEditor’s Note:  This post is by our new Chief Sales Officer, Scott Fowle (see our press release here).  We are very excited to have him on our team at SmashFly and this blog shares his reason for joining SmashFly and his vision for the recruitment marketing technology marketplace.

If there’s one thing I’ve realized in my career, it’s that sometimes in life you get amazing clarity around a vision and direction that’s just so obvious that can’t help yourself from jumping into the opportunity.

If you know me, I have a personal love for growing new categories, brands and technologies that solve some of the most plaguing business challenges in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition (just check my LinkedIn profile.) I’ve been lucky enough to do it at a few stops in my career whether it’s business execution software at SuccessFactors, talent acquisition systems at Taleo, job boards at CareerBuilder or most recently Digital Interviewing at HireVue.

At each of these organizations and brands, they were successful at identifying key business problems in the HR space and were exceptional at creating a value proposition that drove performance that impacted the bottom line.  These same opportunities certainly exist for SmashFly today.

Let me paint you a picture of the opportunity I see at SmashFly and the tremendous value that I see with this growing technology category of Recruitment Marketing Platforms; a category that I believe will have a tremendous impact on how organizations attract and engage with quality talent.

The Problem

Every new industry category starts with a key problem that is begging to be solved.  And there are a number of key indicators such as brokenness, silos, fragmentation that continually rear their ugly heads in the marketplace.  The end result always leads organizations to continually spend huge amounts of resources (money, people, time, etc.) to achieve moderate levels of success in the business outcomes they are trying to achieve.  This is where the true game changing innovators show their true value and act as a catalyst for progress in an industry.

In the Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Marketing space, we’ve seen a number of layered innovations over the past 15 years, each one solving real problems but creating new ones in their wake.  The rise of job boards helped organizations attract more candidates than ever before letting them expand the reach of their job advertisements.  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) came in to tackle the new challenge of how to process and transact all these new applicants, helping organizations manage the volume of candidates along the hiring process while ensuring the process maintained compliance.  Many of these systems extended downstream into Talent Management Systems focusing on managing hired or owned talent in the same manner but beyond the Talent Acquisition stage.

While all this innovation has been going on, the front end of Talent Acquisition or “pre-applicant” has been neglected by many SaaS providers leaving smaller more nimble providers to try to solve many of individual problems that recruiters face every day.

Unfortunately, with all of today’s technology, it’s chaos out there.  With so many new tools, solutions and emerging trends, it’s hard for even thought leaders to even make sense of what they need to do to deliver on the internal demand for Value.  This has led organizations to piecemeal and bolt-on solutions to their ATS in an attempt to solve one of the many recruiting problems they need solved whether that’s Job Posting, CRM, SEO, Mobile, Career Site, Employer Branding, Candidate Experience, Social and many others.  While these solutions may solve an individual problem well, this bolt-on approach creates fragmentation in the recruitment strategy not only in the execution of these initiatives but most importantly, in the data that you need to have visibility in order to determine what’s working.

This has created a tremendous opportunity for companies focused on the full comprehensive recruitment strategy, one that centrally addresses all the pain points suffered by recruiting organizations while providing full visibility so they can improve and optimize their strategy.

This is where the market’s headed and this is where SmashFly exists!

The Opportunity: The Recruitment Marketing Platform (RMP)

Here’s the exciting part and why I’m thrilled about the opportunity here at SmashFly.

As mentioned above, there are foundational business problems and business impacts that are still not addressed by the point recruiting solutions that exist today.  Here’s (only) a few to keep this short:

  • Not attracting enough quality candidates or attracting too many total candidates that are not a fit?
  • Inability to offer candidates an option to engage outside of applying
  • Lack of communication and engagement with candidates during the attraction and apply process or within so called Talent Networks or Communities
  • Inability to offer consistent branding and experience to candidates across the entire strategy
  • THE BIG ONE: No visibility and insight into what’s attracting quality candidates (i.e. where should I be spending my money.) Or what we should now be calling Actionable Knowledge, which is required for critical business optimization!

Most if not all of these problems lead to wasted opportunities, time and most importantly spend.  So the question is how can we solve them?

The short answer is we need to change our way of thinking. We need to stop thinking in MICRO terms about our recruiting (Mobile, Social, Job Posting, CRM, SEO, etc.) and really focus on the MACRO strategy where the sum is bigger and more potent than its parts.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t leverage all the micro tactics that help us find and attract talent but that we integrate them together to drive our recruitment strategy forward.  Most importantly, it’s means we don’t measure the success of these initiatives in a silo but measure them centrally side by side to gain the actionable knowledge we use to improve and optimize our business strategy across the enterprise.

However, the only way to gain the actionable knowledge you need to optimize your strategy is to have a solution that is as comprehensive as your strategy.  It’s only through a Recruitment Marketing Platform that you are able to centrally execute and measure all the initiatives which can drive and improve your business outcomes.

It’s with this strategic vision and this comprehensive solution, you are able to accomplish things within your recruitment process you were never able to do before.  From building your Talent Network tenfold through the job apply flow process to providing consistency and structure to your communications, engagement and experience you provide to candidates to capturing holistic (and accurate!) metrics that provide full visibility and actionable knowledge (yes, it’s that important) into all the areas that drive performance and ones that need improvement.

Most importantly, a Recruitment Marketing Platform will help you tell a better recruitment story to all your internal and external stakeholders.  To internal Hiring Managers (who sometimes lack confidence in Talent Acquisition), to candidates (who need to understand why they should want to work for your company above all others) and to senior management (so you secure the budget you need and credit you deserve).

It’s due to all of these reasons that I fully expect Recruitment Marketing Platforms to be the pre-applicant partner to the post-applicant ATS at every successful recruiting organization.

A Vision for the Future

In 2001 if any of us were to the use the term ATS’s, would any have understood that acronym?  Most folks today not only acknowledge the acronym but have invested into these platforms over 10 years ago as a necessity.

Today, there is a growing category and solution that is now being defined as Recruitment Marketing or RMP’s.   It’s focused not just on solving individual recruiting problems but aimed on helping organizations execute and measure a comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy that drives candidate quality.  And it is forming an analytical front-end view to an organization’s total opportunity for better business execution.

Creating a new world and growing a category is never easy, it takes a will to think differently and see a vision for a better future that really is familiar in the market but never offered in (1) holistic approach like SmashFly.  It takes time to build towards this vision as SmashFly has been organically building their platform for the past 6 years, growing their solution as trends and needs developed in the recruitment marketplace.

The first customers are now live on the full platform and the results are truly amazing.   But real change doesn’t happen in a silo (nothing good ever does).  We need more forward thinking visionaries to join us in this vision to not only reap the first mover benefits but also turn this category into the best practice it will surely become.

I truly believe that the path to success (both in terms of ROI and candidate quality) for recruiting organizations is to think more comprehensively about their strategy and partner with centralized solutions like SmashFly to execute and measure it.  It’s with this mindset that you can move your brand and your entire talent acquisition team towards the same group goals with planned business outcomes that deliver visibility, validation and a regained control of your future.

That’s why I’m excited to join SmashFly.  Now who’s ready to join me?!!!

Scott Fowle comes to SmashFly as an innovator in the HR and recruitment technology space.  He has a keen eye for emerging innovations and technologies and would love to share his vision with you. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn at

If you are interested in learning more about SmashFly, visit our website at  You can also learn more about Recruitment Marketing Platforms by downloading our White Paper, “Why you need a Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing Platform”.

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