recruitment marketingThis will be a short post but one that I hope will get your mind going a little bit.  We’ve talked a bit lately about a comprehensive recruitment strategy and what it means but for this post I want to talk about another very important element of a comprehensive strategy, which is flexibility.  Flexibility not only in the channels, sources and activities you use to attract qualified talent (a mix that will consistently and improve) but also in the ways you approach the very different recruiting challenges you face in your strategy.

A Few Recruiting Challenges

Every recruiting organization has various recruiting challenges for the different internal business units they support.  And while there are way too many to list all of them here, a few common ones include:

High Volume Hiring: This is a position that your organization hires continually.  The challenge here is ensuring that you get enough applicant flow and qualified candidates to satisfy internal needs.  These jobs typically have high turnover (both external and internal) so they are continually being recruited for.

Potential Solution: While you will always continuously look on these people, the big thing is ensuring that you don’t have to start from step 1 each time you recruit.  Setting up a Talent Network form directly in the apply flow of your job distribution campaigns and for your Career Site (happens with a Recruitment Marketing Platform), can help you easily build your database of contacts for these positions and can help you consistently engage with these folks as your needs arise.  And hopefully be another applicant source for future job campaigns for these positions.

Hard to Fill Jobs: Every organization has one of those jobs that is the hardest to fill for the organization (and typically they are one of the most impactful hires.)  So the issue really is not just about finding the right candidate quickly but ensuring that they are the right candidate in the first place.

Potential Solutions: The real question with these jobs is how have you found the right candidates historically.  Is their a particular recruiting destination that is working?  Are you proactively finding and sourcing these candidates?  Are they coming from Talent Network campaigns?  The key here is having the historical recruitment metrics to gain insight on how you should approach attracting the right candidates for these jobs.  With each job, you should hopefully gain intelligence on the best ways to fill these tough to fill positions.

Hiring Manager Support: Here’s a big one for many organizations.  I have heard stories about very successful relationships with hiring managers and ones that just make me shake my head.  But many organizations are seeking to build and foster a better relationship between hiring managers and the recruiters that help build their teams.

Potential Solutions:  Hiring Managers just want to know that their jobs will get filled.  But they also want to know that their is a process involved and that it’s not the wild west with every new position.  With metrics and improved strategy, you can arm your recruiters with a story (based on in-arguable data) to put hiring managers minds at ease and prove recruiting’s worth to the organization.

So there are a few recruiting challenges, however there are a number of others that exist for organizations to tackle that I didn’t even touch upon.

So I ask you, what are some of the ones that are proving the most challenging?

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