recruitment marketingThis post will be a short one but I wanted to address a few trends that we are seeing that are going to become more and more important as we move towards the future.  All of these trends are already important today and are slowly being implemented and optimized by forward thinking recruiting organizations.

Here are trends that are important to begin thinking about and improving upon today:

Talent Analytics: I’ll have a longer post on this next week but Talent Analytics is a big push for leading organizations.   This term relates to leveraging human capital data across the HR function to better understand your employees, their impact on the organization and in turn better retain the best ones at your organization (Note: Their are a number of other things that fall under Talent Analytics so please see a great post on Forbes by Josh Bersin on this topic.)

And while this goes across the entire HR function, the necessity for Talent Analytics for recruitment is integral to your overall Human Capital strategy.  These analytics which should span your entire recruitment strategy (job boards, Career Site, web sourcing, email communications, referrals, social, mobile, etc.) can help you understand what recruitment activities that you focus your time and energy on that produce the best talent for your organization.  In coordination with downstream Talent Analytics this can provide tremendous insight into where and what types of candidates have the greatest impact on your organization.

Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing:  This goes hand in hand with Talent Analytics as you really need to think about your recruitment efforts in concert with one another as opposed to separate initiatives.  Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing refers to everything you do to find & attract active and passive candidates.  This includes all your efforts from mobile, social, job boards, SEO, career site, employer branding, Talent Network, web sourcing, referrals, military, campus, niche sites and anything else you do from a recruiting perspective.  It’s ensuring that these initiatives work together in a process and strategy that enables you to better build your Talent Database, brand your organization and improve the candidate experience with all the analytics needed to understand what’s working and what’s not.

In order to do this, you really need to start looking at more comprehensive technologies such as Recruitment Marketing Platforms.

Device Agnostic:  Mobile Recruiting is one of the biggest trends in today’s marketplace and rightfully so.  Mobile devices continue to outpace computer sales and is the one device that candidates always have with them.  But instead of just having mobile as a trend, I think the bigger trend is to have your recruiting be device agnostic.  While mobile is important, you need to make sure your process, communications and branding are available on all devices.  This includes supporting all web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.), mobile devices and whatever may come in the future.  You really need to take this approach to ensure a better candidate experience.

Engagement & Communication:  Whether it’s through email, social media, SMS or your career site messaging, it’s becoming more important for organizations to better communicate and engage with candidates before they apply.  And this is integral across your recruitment strategy.  As part of that is not only the means of how you communicate but what you communicate, the content you share and the expectations you set for this engagement.  The better this strategy, you should see increased applicant flow, improved candidate quality and a better perceived employer brand.

Now these are 4 trends that I see being some of the biggest puzzles needed to be solved by recruiting organizations.  To solve these trends, you need a combination of a well-thought out strategy as well as tools and technologies to effectively execute and measure them.

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