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recruitmentHere is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing, social recruiting and anything else in the recruiting space. In this article, we’ll be talking about candidate experience, recruitment’s promotion, mystery shopping, relevance of the resume and sourcing.

I’d also like to share the articles from our blog this week that you should check out:

Now on to the articles.  Here are the articles that interested us this week (in no particular order), enjoy!:


From Back Office to Boardroom: Why the Recruitment Industry is Finally Getting a Promotion by Ariel Eckstein (@Eckie67)

Ariel shares some great thoughts on the evolution of the recruitment industry, particularly in terms of employer branding.


Mystery Job Shopper Survey: Not Much Improvement from America’s Best Companies by John Zappe (@ERE_net)

Interesting stats from CareerXRoads and The Candidate Experience Awards as they mystery shopped the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For”.  The results are a little surprising.


Refining the Candidate Journey – Adapting the experience for the modern job seeker by Mark Bevans (@MarkBevans)

Nice look at the Candidate Experience and some insights into the areas you can focus on to improve it.  I also think that the Career Site needs to be considered for candidate experience as well.


Do You Need a Resume in the LinkedIn Era? by Alexandra Samuel (@awsamuel)

Alexandra shares some interesting thoughts on the necessity of the resume and the importance of your LinkedIn profile in today’s world.


The “Not LinkedIn” list of places to Source Talent by John Zappe and Jeremy Roberts (@ImJeremyR)

Nice collection of articles on sourcing internet sites that are not LinkedIn.  Very useful.


Hope you enjoy the list and see you on Twitter @smashfly.

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