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Recruitment MarketingEarlier this year, SmashFly COO Mary Grace Hennessy had the honor of co-presenting with Bright House Networks’ Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity Jennifer Tracy at CTHRA’s Power of Perspective Symposium.  It was a great presentation on the evolution of Bright House Networks’ recruitment marketing strategy and how they have leveraged a comprehensive technology platform to amp up their recruiting results.

Due to the success of the presentation with conference attendees, we were able to get a story featured in CTHRA’s Resource Connection newsletter, which you can read below:

CTHRA Newsletter: “Leveraging a Recruitment Marketing Platform Technology to Amp Up your Recruiting”

I encourage you to read the article in it’s entirety as it’s a great case study of how a Recruitment Marketing Platform can help to execute and measure a comprehensive recruitment strategy as well as some of the unique benefits that occur only when using a centralized Platform.

However, I also wanted to point out a few takeaways that I feel are important when reading this article:

Need for Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing Technology:  One of the bigger themes here is Bright House Networks’ desire to create a Center of Excellence for their recruiting and understanding that their ATS while valuable in managing a compliant hiring process was not enough to truly optimize their recruitment marketing strategy.  They needed a technology that focused on pre-applicant and was comprehensive enough to help them manage and measure ALL of their recruitment campaigns, all while integrating with their ATS.  They didn’t want to invest in multiple recruitment marketing solutions or work with multiple vendors but wanted a single technology to manage the front-end (or pre-applicant) attraction process.

Using Metrics to make better decisions:  Due to using one solution to execute their recruitment marketing strategy, Bright House Networks was able to centralize and accurately measure their recruiting results.  This has led to vast improvements in the performance of their recruitment marketing mix as well as increased buy-in from senior level management due to better data.  Recruitment Metrics is one area that will continue to be integral to their strategy going forward.

Leveraging mobile and social:  Social and mobile recruiting are becoming more and more important as these areas become more prevalent in how we communicate and engage.  However, leveraging social and mobile isn’t just about buying a niche solution but looking at how they can best be utilized across the strategy.  The Career Fair example is a great example of leveraging mobile in a way that makes sense in the overall recruiting strategy.

Enjoy reading the article and if you are interested in hearing how we can help you achieve this type of success in your recruitment marketing strategy, contact us via the SmashFly website.

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