Recruitment AnalyticsWhen looking at Big Data and Analytics it’s important that you take into considering both the comprehensiveness of your recruitment strategy and the ability to take action on the data that you are capturing.  If you don’t have both, it’s going to be extremely difficult to make good, timely decisions that have a positive impact on your recruiting performance.

At SmashFly, we help organizations make these strategic decisions and are excited to announce the next evolution of our Recruitment Marketing Analytics in our Recruitment Marketing Platform.  With this evolution, we help recruiting organizations take a huge leap in how they capture, analyze and leverage the data from their recruitment strategy across all their initiatives.  This ensures better more timely decisions that have a positive impact on overall performance.

We just announced this evolution which you can see in our full press release:

SmashFly Technologies Removes the Fear of Big Data with Recruitment Marketing Analytics Solution

Recruitment Marketing Innovator makes it easy to gain actionable insight with new recruitment marketing analytics solution

Leading recruiting organizations understand that they need accurate data and analytics in order to remain competitive in consistently finding the best candidates. The problem is that, most Big Data and analytics solutions can be scary and overwhelming to anyone that’s not a data scientist or database specialist.

SmashFly Technologies is excited to help eliminate the fear of Big Data with announcement of the next evolution of their Recruitment Marketing Analytics (RMA) solution. An integral part of any Talent Analytics strategy, RMA puts actionable analytics directly into the hands of recruiters, recruitment managers and senior level management to help them make recruitment marketing a competitive advantage for their organization.

Within the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform, recruiting organizations now are able to capture and browse data across their entire recruitment marketing strategy including Job Postings, Social, Mobile, Proactive Sourcing, Career Site, SEO and other initiatives. This enhanced solution enables them to drill down into the data to better understand key trends, identify the best recruitment sources and analyze the performance of their Recruiters and/or Sourcers that ultimately help their them work faster and smarter in attracting top quality talent.

“As recruiting leaders look to gain a competitive advantage with their recruitment strategy, they will need real-time access to their recruitment marketing data,” said SmashFly CEO Michael Hennessy. “With this new RMA solution, we give recruiting leaders the insight needed to better understand their strategy and drive bottom line recruitment performance. I truly believe that we have set the standard for talent analytics in the recruitment and sourcing space.”

SmashFly has made these powerful analytics accessible to all users by delivering beautiful and stunning point and click dashboards that require no training or report writing experience. The data is also fully customizable enabling users to easily slice and dice the data that is most important to their organization while being able to simply pull meaningful data and reports to share with their teams and senior leadership.

This is especially true in the level of detail available for CRM data. Organizations can browse data on any action, field, pipeline or workflow within the CRM, providing a powerful level of insight for organizations looking to improve their sourcing processes and evaluate their sourcing teams.

Because organizations execute their entire recruitment marketing strategy through the SmashFly Platform, this provides the unique ability to centrally track data from all these initiatives for better, more accurate analytics. For the first time, recruiters are able to analyze and review job board performance, contact relationship pipelining, campaigning, mobile, social and career site metrics all from a single centralized dashboard.

“I work closely with recruiting organizations on a daily basis and this solution has been a tremendous asset to our customers,” said COO Mary Grace Hennessy. “We have been able to provide recruiting leaders with insight they have never had before. Insight that has helped them improve their recruitment strategy and processes with measurable success.”

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