Recruitment MarketingThis will be a short post but with 2013 coming to a close and your organization most assuredly planning budgets for 2014, it’s the perfect opportunity to begin looking toward 2014 for solutions that can help you get to that next evolution of your recruitment strategy.

While most of your budget is probably tied up with existing solutions and vendor relationships, you most likely have some budget room to try new initiatives and solutions that can help you accomplish more with your overall strategy.  This means researching and connecting with solution providers that provide products and services that can begin fueling your recruiting performance.  And moving forward with pilots of these solutions with potential to expand the scope at a future date.

Benefits of Trying New Solutions

This approach provides a number of important benefits.  A few of which are:

  • Test New Vendor Relationship: One of the biggest things that comes out of a pilot is testing the responsiveness and customer service of the vendor that you choose.  This can help you understand what a full-time relationship would be like and see how strategic they are in helping you integrate their solution into your recruiting process (as opposed to just teaching you how to use their product.)
  • Try something new: It’s a great opportunity to expand your strategy into a new area that you’ve wanted to implement such as social, mobile, CRM, SEO or candidate experience.  Try it out at a small level and measure it’s impact on performance.  This will enable you to evaluate it’s potential if you decide to expand it.  In many cases, you can roll out a pilot within a small group on your recruiting team (think campus recruiting) before rolling out globally.
  • Maintain current budget levels: For some organizations, if you don’t use your budget you more than likely lose it when budget time comes next year.  So it makes sense to use it to full capacity to maintain your team’s current budget output while trying something that can have a positive impact in your 2014 results.
  • Wean off Current Vendor: The decision to move away from a current vendor is a tough one and the process of doing so comes with many pitfalls including the change management it takes for your team to unlearn and learn technologies.  But by using your budget today on a potential alternative you can accelerate the process while ensuring appropriate overlap for a technology transition.

Those are just a few benefits and overall it’s worth a try to gain better insight into what’s available in the marketplace and what you currently have in place today.

Analytics are Key

With any solution you choose to pilot with surplus budget it’s incredibly important to measure the performance of it against your current solutions and initiatives.  This requires key recruitment analytics that enable you to measure the affect on candidate quality and applicant flow for the new initiatives against what you are doing currently.

Without this data, you gain no actionable insight into whether the new initiative or solution is worth considering when you need to make your next budget decisions.  And this lack of visibility will ensure that your solution test is not a success or part of your future strategy.

Building towards a comprehensive solution

As recruiting organizations build out their technology and process capabilities, they are thinking about recruiting in a more global and comprehensive fashion.  Its no longer about just job posting or sourcing with CRM or branding via the Career Site but about the give and take between all these functions and making sure they work together to attract more of the best, most qualified candidates.

As organizations continue in this direction, the technology that they test out and move towards, will also become more comprehensive.  With companies moving from point solutions such as job distributors and CRM providers to all-in-one solutions like Recruitment Marketing Platforms that provide “total recruitment marketing” capabilities.

This makes for the perfect time to begin researching and testing out these more comprehensive solutions so you can centrally execute and measure your entire recruitment marketing strategy.  Instead of continually piecemealing your efforts and analytics.

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