DriveThruHRHey all – this week’s article will encapsulate two weeks worth of articles.  Last week, I was hiking in Acadia National Park and neglected my weekly article duties 🙂  See a few Acadia pictures at the very bottom.

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing, social recruiting and anything else in the recruiting space. In this article, we’ll be talking about candidate experience, recruiting & HR, #DriveThruHR, HR Technology, Employee Referral Programs and social sabbaticals.

I’d also like to share the articles from our blog this week that you should check out:

Now on to the articles.  Here are the articles that interested us this week (in no particular order), enjoy!:


Actually, Recruiting is Not HR anymore by Tina Iantorno

Hot button item.  What are your thoughts on this?


Top 50 Shows in DriveThruHR History by Nisha Raghavan (@TheHRBuddy)

Here’s a list of great radio show content for HR and recruiting professionals that should last you at least a month.  Also note #13 and #44.  SmashFly Pride!


When It Comes to the Voice of the Candidate, Is Anyone Listening? by China Gorman (@ChinaGorman)

As always, China provides interesting data on the candidate experience.


HR Technology: Be Smarter Than a Logo and Color Palette by Laura Ruettimann (@LRuettimann)

Laura shares what most solution providers don’t want to hear.  But very true, it’s important to focus on substance over flash when evaluating technologies.


Four Ways to Improve Your Employee Referral Program by Linda Brenner (@DesignsOnTalent)

Great tips from Linda on getting more out of your Employee Referral Program.


Use the Old Recruiting Tools You Were Given by Morgan Hoogvelt (@SupeRecruiter)

Sage advice from Morgan that tools doesn’t mean technology.


Sourcing: Four Ways to Set the Tone for a Positive Candidate Experience by Lance Haun (@thelance)

Simple but important points on ensuring a candidate experience that provides value.


What I Learned from My Social Sabbatical by William Tincup (@williamtincup)

Ever swear off social media for an extended period of time?  William did and hears his thoughts.


Hope you enjoy the list and see you on Twitter @smashfly.


And for those interested here’s a few Acadia pictures:

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