Recruitment TechnologyIf you’ve read this blog over the past 2 years (it’s crazy to think we’re up to over 600 posts), you’ll notice the consultative nature of our writing and posts as we talk about recruitment marketing.  While deeply rooted in the present, we often look towards what the future holds (and should hold) for organizations as they market their jobs and attract the best candidates to their organization.  The same approach we use as we develop our Recruitment Marketing Platform technology and work with leading recruiting organizations to best leverage it in their strategy.

And that’s with great care.  When you a building up an emerging technology category (as we are), there is always an adjustment period in the market.  You need to take the role of teacher and educate not only what it is you provide and what makes it different (while also noting what’s similar) but most importantly the true value of why it needs to exist.

I read a number of articles daily on technology, recruiting, talent acquisition, social media with a little sports mixed in.  And it’s so refreshing when I come across viewpoints in the market that are converging with where we believe the market is headed and where organizations need to be with their strategies and technologies to be successful.  That’s why Manny Medina’s (@medinism) article “Let’s Be Honest: You Can Automate Sourcing” struck a chord with me especially this passage at the end:

A platform that aggregates, automates, and operationalizes all sourcing tasks would result in a reliable stream of candidates with complete information on them and significant cost and time savings to all. With a reliable stream of candidates recruiters can then spend more making sure their candidate/employer matches are a better fit, understanding their clients’ culture, hiring process, and anticipating future people demand.

Sourcing is an information discovery problem that has been solved with the aid of computers many times over. Personal information is getting more disseminated, not aggregated. Very soon a subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter and canned emails will not be enough to supply you with quality candidate flow. Advanced crawling tools along with a streamlined outreach and vetting process will be the norm. It will be at that point that sourcing-as-a-service will be most beneficial and will elevate the recruiting profession to new heights of efficiency.

Reading this, I heard a huge “YES!” in my head.  This is the direction we feel that the market and technology is headed.  And from my soapbox, I’d like to highlight a few points that I think are important to this conversation:

Tying Your Strategy Together: It’s not only about candidates you’re actively (or through technology) sourcing but tying together all your recruitment efforts from job board and niche site campaigns to branding on your Career Site, not to mention social and mobile efforts.  All these initiatives have the potential to attract and capture quality candidates for current and future campaigns and technology should help you do so across ALL of these initiatives.

The More Data Points, The Better:  The resume has been battered over the past few years as an important document to evaluate candidates.  However, when you think of it as just another data point in the evaluation, next to candidate social profiles, candidate portfolios, digital interviews and other information, it becomes a great piece to the overall puzzle.  As Manny mentions, it’s about capturing candidates with technology and then leveraging technology to help form a better picture of the candidate with online data so we can better determine potential fit.

Making Sense of the Data: Here’s an area that we are continually looking to improve on in our CRM module.  In short, this is looking at how technology uses the data to make better recommendations on candidates that could be good fits for an organization.  The key here is to provide a better starting point for recruiters so they can better evaluate and make decisions upon high potential candidates.

A Focus on Messaging: Capturing more information on candidates is great for screening but can be just as impactful in messaging as well.  And the content and messaging strategy you have to engage with candidates that you’ve been able to interact with will be integral to ensuring that candidates are receptive to your job opportunities now and in the future.

Analytics to Understand Success: As with any process or strategy, you’ll want to measure the success of your efforts so that you can make improvements with the actionable insight provided.  And with this new wave of more comprehensive information and tactics, it’s extremely important to ensure not only the accuracy of the data but be able to centrally measure all your sourcing and recruitment marketing initiatives in your strategy for simple side-by-side comparisons.  This will help you identify the activities that truly drive performance and what’s not worth your recruiters’ time (or needs to be automated.)

People remain Important

Now, I just want to be clear, I don’t believe (and I don’t think Manny does either) that people are non-essential to the sourcing / recruiting process.  People are obviously going to be needed to make the right connections and leverage the data provided but with technology, there is definitely going to be a shift in where their energy and expertise is needed and leveraged.  As I’ve said many times, technology is only as good as it’s ability to fit into your strategy.  Technology is about efficiency and smart organizations ensure that it helps them with the tasks and activities where automation makes sense so their teams and people can focus on the activities that make a difference in overall performance.

The way that organizations approach recruitment marketing & sourcing is slowly and predictably changing and while I think we as an industry are starting to see the early adopters, I don’t believe we are too far from a tipping point of where this becomes more commonplace for organizations.  Technology will continue to improve and innovate but the true value will come from technologies that not only improve functionality but ensure it fits into the processes and strategies of the organizations that it looks to make more efficient (while pushing them forward).  And just as important providing the comprehensive (and accurate) analytics to gain actionable insight into these evolving strategies.

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