Every year The HR Technology Conference is one of my favorite events of the year.  It’s a great collection of thought leadership, networking and fun over the course of 3 days.  Most importantly, I’ve been able to make valuable new connections each year and always walk away with a bevy of new ideas to think about.

This year should be no different and here is my take on the people, sessions, after parties and other items you should make sure to check out when you are out west.

The Ending of an Era

If you are going to the conference, you more than likely know that this will be Bill Kutik’s last in overseeing the conference.  Over the past 16 years, he has built the conference from the ground up making it the premiere technology conference in the HR space.

As you roam the expo hall and the sessions, make sure to keep a look out for Bill and thank him for all his great work in making this such a worthwhile and valuable event.

And for creating the great HR Technology Conference LinkedIn Group.

The People

Obviously, the hallmark of the HR Technology Conference is the people that come from all around the world to attend the event, network and learn from others.  It’s always a tremendous collection of some of the brightest minds in the industry and a great opportunity to create meaningful relationships.  To help you get started, here are the Twitter handles for some of the best people to connect with (I’ve created a HR Technology 2013 Twitter List here and it will continue to grow):

The Sessions

There is going to be a ton of great sessions at the conference almost to the point that you might not to be able to catch all the ones you want.  To give you a little help, here’s my top 5 sessions to attend and please note their is a talent acquisition / recruiting slant to this list (and I also highly recommend Josh Bersin’s, Jason Averbook’s and Lisa Rowan’s talks as well):

Recruiting Technology State of the Union with Elaine Orler (@ElaineOrler)

Excited for Elaine’s talk on recruiting technology.  There is a tremendous amount of innovation happening in the recruitment technology space and it will be great to hear Elaine’s thoughts on the trends and vision that will drive the marketplace forward.  I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts and a blog on this session!

The 3rd Annual Candidate Experience Awards with Gerry Crispin (@GerryCrispin), Elaine Orler (@ElaineOrler) and Ed Newman (@newmaed)

I have been to the past three sessions for the CandE Awards and there’s always a tremendous amount of insights and actionable knowledge to be derived from the panel of recruiting practitioners that won “with distinction” awards for their candidate experience.  I also look forward to connecting with the rest of the CandE Council, which I was honored to be a part of this year.

First Annual NextGen Influencers Panel: Getting Out From Behind the Baby Boomers with Bill Kutik (@BillKutik), Madeline Laurano (@Madtarquin), Trish McFarlane (@TrishMcFarlane), Maksim Ovsyannikov (@Maksim), Jarret Pazahanick (@SAP_Jarret)

Another panel with some clout.  This should provide some great thoughts on generational differences and the impact as younger generations enter the workforce.  I know I’ll be in attendance.  Here’s a primer.

Hilton Checks-In with Digital Recruiting Technology with Rodney Moses, VP of Global Recruiting, Hilton Worldwide and Mark Newman, Founder & CEO, HireVue (@HireVue)

This should be a insightful session on digital recruiting and where it best fits within a sourcing strategy.  I have heard other HireVue customers speak at past events and it’s always clear that they get “it” with the tremendous takeaways you walk away with from the sessions.  So I’m very excited to hear how Hilton leverages digital recruiting in their strategy.

Panel on Global Talent Challenge: How Can Recruiting Technology Span the Globe? with Gerry Crispin (@GerryCrispin), PepsiCo’s Chris Hoyt (@TheRecruiterGuy), Deloitte’s Kent Kirch (@KentKirch), Cisco’s Danielle Monaghan and Manulife’s Maureen Neglia (@mnegli10a)

A Day 3 session so not everyone will be able to make it but should be a fantastic panel on the future of recruiting technology and what you need to be aware of to remain competitive in attracting quality talent.


Las Vegas, NV.  Not a bad location for a conference, huh?  There will be plenty to do after conference sessions and touring the expo floor and each night of the conference, attendees will be inundated with options for after hour networking and fun.

There are a number of parties and networking events available to conference and expo attendees and while I could list a few, here’s a better resource I suggest you sign up for: Blogging4Jobs Annual HR Party List.

I will also note The Candidate Experience Awards Reception on Monday October 7 at 6:00 PM.  While this is a closed event, we may have a few VIP passes available so feel free to contact me on twitter @smashfly if you are interested.

See you there!

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