Recruitment TechnologyIt’s an interesting recruiting world that we live in.  One that’s evolved and changed rapidly over the past year.  As 2013 winds down, it’s a great time for organizations to sit back and reflect on their processes, strategy and ultimately their systems.  It’s the last that I want to touch upon here.

As I’ve said many times, technology is a means to an end.  It’s not meant to replace strategy but to facilitate and enhance it.  You don’t buy technology to turn on and run on auto-pilot but because it can provide huge savings in time, improve efficiency and performance and provide key insight in your strategy that you’ve never had before.

The right technology solution can make all the difference in your strategy.  But on the flip-side a muddled technology infrastructure can have the inverse effect.  Adding technology to your strategy in and of itself doesn’t make your strategy better, it’s adding it in a way that fits into your strategy and makes sense that provides the value you are looking for.


Is your technology weighing you down?

Ask yourself this question as you look at your technology ecosystem.  What are you seeing?

Here’s a few that I’ve heard from organizations and some questions that need to be asked:

System Overload: If you are like most organizations you have multiple systems you use to execute your recruitment marketing strategy.  The real question is which systems are integral to the process and which ones drain time and resources without providing enough value.  The answer to this question is integral to using your budget better.

Lack of Compatibility: For the essential systems you have, how well do they work together? One of the biggest inefficiencies in the marketplace today is solutions that are focused only on their own realm and silo.  Recruitment strategy requires lots of moving parts and initiatives and solutions that are not flexible to ensure connection with other initiatives, teams and systems can be a burden to the overall strategy.

Analytics:  Here’s the back-breaker for many organizations.  How effective are you at not only pulling data from your systems but bringing together the data to make educated decisions in your recruiting strategy?  If it’s difficult to centralize and ensure the compatibility / accuracy of your data, you have a problem with the systems you use.  Recruitment Analytics will be one of the more important focuses for organizations in 2014 and the technology you use will be a huge driver on how useful this data is.


Elevating your Recruiting Strategy

As your recruiting strategy continues to evolve, the technology you use will do so as well.  The key is understanding all the solutions you use and how they fit together to improve and elevate your strategy.  Because technology that doesn’t do that is not worth your time and effort.

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