With 2014 just beginning, not only does it bring snow to the Northeast but it also gives us the opportunity to look to what the future holds for the next year.

And if you’ve been reading blogs on recruiting lately, you’ve probably run across a number of trends that will impact the industry in the new year.  Big Data, Mobile, Social, Employer Branding are all key trends that I’ve seen talked about and with good reason.  And while I could talk about them in this post I’m not sure how much I can add to the narrative that hasn’t been talked about in the past year.

For this post, I want to talk about a few trends that I see recruiting departments tackling at greater numbers in 2014.  Ones that will be important to overall performance.

Comprehensive Data & Analysis: This goes with the Big Data trend but it’s all about centrally measuring everything you do to attract candidates. This is the first step but not the strategic part of it (it is strategic today but once all recruiting organizations are able to capture data this way it will be less of a differentiator.)

Once organizations have the data in a single database across all initiatives, it will be all about gaining knowledge and insight on their strategy.  It will be about using the data to better use budget and make strategic recruiting decisions.  This type of strategic thinking requires practice and repetitions and organizations will need to focus on data analysis to stay ahead and improve.

Advocacy beyond employee referrals: Referrals remain the most important source of hire in recruiting but I look for organizations to expand the way they think about referrals.  Referrals will still be driven by employees but they will expand into other populations as well including alumni, social connections and other company advocates.  And they will track the sources / referees against the other initiatives they use.

Multi-Faceted Content Strategies: As organizations look to create better relationships with candidates, they will need improved triggers and messaging to engage with candidates in their Talent Pipelines.  And that means more targeted content.  Organizations will bring in help to create content to keep candidates warm and better attract them when they look for that next job opportunity.  The result, a content strategy that includes newsletters, blogs, social and job content as well as thinking through communication schedules for different candidate groups like silver medalists.

2014 brings more sophisticated marketing strategies to the recruiting function.  And there’s a lot to be excited about as organizations get more strategic about how they attract and measure their best hires.

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