With the new year in full gear and 2013 fading behind us, this week’s “Best Of” will be a little bit different than usually.  It will take a look at the most read articles that blog subscribers read over 2013.  In these articles, you’ll find insights on topics around the HR Technology Conference, mobile recruiting, recruitment innovation, talent analytics, the candidate experience, job titles, recruitment trends and comprehensive recruitment strategies.

Before we take you to the countdown of our 10 best also check out our preview of recruitment marketing for 2014:

Also, make sure to check out the best articles over at SourceCon as well.  Now onto the articles:


10. #HRTechConf 2013: What I learned in Vegas Part 1 (and Part 2)

The HR Technology Conference is one of the premier conferences in our industry and here was my thoughts on the people, sessions and conversations at the event.


  1. Mobile in Recruiting: What does that mean?

Mobile recruiting is often buzzword bingo in today’s recruiting technologies and this post aimed to define the different ways that you can leverage mobile in your recruiting strategy.  It’s not just mobile apply.


  1. A few interesting ways to use Mobile in Recruiting

Mobile is obviously a hot topic and here are a few examples of companies I’ve seen that use mobile organically in their strategy.


  1. Where does innovation come from in recruitment?

I am a big fan of looking back and trying to understand what drives improvement in the future.  That’s why I’m glad this post on a quick history lesson of the recruitment technology space was so well liked.


  1. Why the time for Talent Analytics in Recruitment is NOW!

Analytics and Big Data are two of the hottest trends in HR / recruiting.  And for good reason, we want to know more about what we do so we can improve.  This post takes a look at why you really should be starting today to implement data processes in your strategy.


  1. Candidate Experience: Why should we care?

The candidate experience is one of my favorite hot button topics and this gets down to the “Why?” of the candidate experience.  Sure we want to treat candidates humanely but in the end what can organizations gain from doing this?


  1. Are Job Titles limiting the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns?

This post shows how deep you can get into the recruitment metrics you capture in your campaigns and how simple decisions like the Job Title you use on your job ads can have a pretty significant impact on your overall recruiting results.


  1. Defining the Candidate Experience

When we talk about the candidate experience, the conversation is typically around the application process which makes sense do to the growing black hole in most organization’s applications.  But I think the idea of candidate experience expands much farther than that and here are the areas that I include in my definition of the candidate experience.


  1. Forward Thinking Recruitment: A few trends to think about

Another future oriented post on trends that will impact recruiting in the near future.


  1. What is a comprehensive recruitment strategy?

I’m ecstatic that this post was our most read.  This thought piece goes into what we truly mean by a comprehensive recruitment strategy and how organizations that don’t integrate all their recruitment initiatives together will slowly fall behind.

Thanks for continuing to read our posts and we look forward to all the great conversations in 2014.

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