I had a great conversation the other day on the topic of recruitment marketing and what’s needed to achieve a total recruitment marketing strategy.  And during the conversation I was asked the following simple question: “How should an organization get started with recruitment marketing?”

It’s a simple but great question.  And my response should not surprise you, it’s Analytics.

When you think about recruitment marketing, it’s all about creating the right diversified set of initiatives to help you attract and engage with qualified talent.  That means using job boards, sourcing, email marketing, employment branding, SEO, mobile, social and other initiatives needed to find your next employees.  But without measurement you are just doing all this hard work to find candidates without a compass to understanding where you are going.

A few facts remain for nearly every organization:

Budgets and Time are not Limitless: We are all working off of finite budgets and the biggest cost we have to contend with is the opportunity cost of being able to do something else with our budget.  That’s why recruiting analytics are integral.  We need to know what initiatives are performing well and poorly so we can make better decisions on where to use our finite dollars and time.

Recruiting is Evolving: The way that organizations find and attract talent is changing faster than organizations can keep up.  You can no longer rely on the same old sources to provide the quality talent you need to remain competitive.  And organizations need to begin thinking more comprehensively about the ways they attract talent by executing new initiatives to ensure they don’t fall behind.  Adding new sources that produce qualified candidates will be a huge focus for many organizations.

The Need for RM focused Technology: The technology that many organizations use to execute their recruiting strategy such as their ATS or other point recruitment solutions just don’t cut it for the advanced recruitment marketing strategies that are needed in today’s environment.  More comprehensive recruitment marketing solutions such as Recruitment Marketing Platforms provide the centralized execution and analytics to help organizations achieve these forward thinking strategies.


Analytics on a Total Scale

So when you look at your recruiting strategy the first thing you need to do is understand the metrics behind what’s successful for you today.  This can help inform you on where you can improve and in what areas you would like to explore.  Getting this data together may take some time depending on systems you use but it will be invaluable to thinking about your future strategy.

The next step is making sure that every initiative you execute is measurable in your strategy.  This means finding systems that allow for analytics capture and display to happen centrally for all initiatives.  The key is to be able to measure all current initiatives and future ones that you’ll want to add to your strategy.

Total recruitment marketing doesn’t happen in a day but is a continuous metrics driven pursuit that results in a diversified and better performing strategy.  That’s the goal and the start is consistent and predictable analytics.

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