With conference season in full swing, I wanted to put together an inclusive guide as you aim to make the most of the recruiting conference season and look to turn learnings into impactful improvements in your recruiting strategy and process.

The below link will provide you with a collection of thoughts on key trends in the recruitment marketing space which you can download for free:

Your Buzzword Guide to the Recruiting Conference Season

In this Recruitment Trends Guide, you will find:

  • Trends Explained: 9 of the most important trends in the recruitment marketing space are explained including Candidate Experience, Employment Branding, Big Data & Analytics, Contact Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile Recruiting, Social Recruiting, Employee Referral Programs, Talent Networks & Talent Communities and Recruitment Marketing Platforms.  We will help explain what they are in layman’s terms.
  • Technology Considerations: Once you know what trends are important and what they are, we’ll go into integral questions to ask when you talk to technology vendors and look to utilize solutions to help in these areas.
  • Differentiators: In these questions, we’ll also point out key differentiators in the solutions that currently are available in the marketplace and key areas that you need to ensure are covered by the vendors you choose.

The Guide is available for free download below.  We hope it can help you navigate the choppy waters of the vendor hall and technology marketplace so you can enact positive change in your organization’s recruitment marketing strategy.

Download “Your Buzzword Guide to the Recruiting Season” Today

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