As of today, we’ve written over 700 articles on recruitment marketing with topics ranging from mobile optimization to SEO to recruiting analytics.

There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience behind these posts and we want to make sure the very best are available to readers as they need them.

So in order to make sure our best posts are not lost in the avalanche of new posts that we will continue to publish, we are now creating PDF versions of the creme de la creme from the SmashFly Blog.

Right now, you can find a few of our very best available for free download.  I encourage you to download at your discretion and please feel free to share the PDF’s with your team, family and friends.  And check out our White Papers too.

We will continually look to create PDFs for our popular posts so make sure to check back in to the page below for the latest and greatest content.

Download Today: The SmashFly Recruitment Trends Repository

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