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Last week at the IHRIM 2014 HRMS Strategies Conference, Bright House Networks provided a look at how a Recruitment Marketing Platform helped them build and execute a better recruitment marketing strategy.

The presentation, How Bright House Networks put the HelloExcellence in their Talent Acquisition with a Recruitment Marketing Platform, showcased how the growing telecommunications company has revamped their recruiting process and turned it into an analytics driven recruitment marketing strategy.

There were a number of key learnings in the session but here are the few that stood out to me:

Social Presence is about Relevant Content, Not Just Jobs

If you live outside of the Florida region, you may not be familiar with the Bright House Networks brand.  And as such Bright House Networks made it a priority build a better employment brand and improve messaging around their job opportunities so it could attract talent more consistently in Florida and in areas that were not as familiar with their brand.

First, it was about creating a consistent employment brand that they proudly display across all their channels whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, their Career Site or other channels.  It’s around creating a community and workforce that is passionate about exceptional customer service in an industry that is often judged poorly there.

Second, it was about creating a content strategy that helped to show their culture and show domain expertise in their industry while also sharing job opportunities.  With this, they’ve partnered with KRT Marketing (which helped with the brand as well) to create a social media calendar that ensures timely relevant updates on all of their social channels including @JobsBrightHouse.  On this Twitter channel, they share relevant content around their brand (I like their college intern competition videos), topics facing their industry (like the net neutrality debate) and job opportunities.

The key here is that it’s not just jobs.  They share helpful information for candidates and onlookers to learn more about their company and industry.  Jobs are a secondary and necessary piece of content they share after providing value.


Moving From Reactive to Proactive

As they looked to improve their strategy, Bright House Networks started to re-evaluate all the sourcing channels they used to find and attract candidates as well as ways to create longer relationships with the candidates they interact with.

As such, they identified a number of new sourcing channels to begin improving performance of their media strategy.  They also used SmashFly to host their Career Site and build a centralized Talent Network automatically through the job advertisement and SEO campaigns that they executed.

Through these channels, they were able to become more proactive about the positions they recruit for.  Each new advertising campaign not only helped them identify candidates for current opportunities but also progressively helped them build targeted pipelines they could engage with to keep warm and fill future job opportunities.

This has helped them greatly as they hire for their customer service and video technology teams.  And it has ensured they don’t start at square one for every new job position that opens up.


Analytics: Decoupling your Technology from your Media

The key motivation to leveraging a Recruitment Marketing Platform for Bright House Networks was the centralized recruiting analytics it provides across all channels including job boards, SEM, email campaigns, Career Site, sourcing, 3rd parties, etc.

And an integral point to the equation is the decoupling of the technology that captures analytics from the media strategy that they employ.  An RMP is media agnostic and is not tied to the media strategy as a recruitment advertising agency or other tools may be.

It gives Bright House Networks full control and flexibility over their media strategy so they can make improvements to the media mix without ever having to change the front end processes or the way they execute their strategy.  This is essential as strategies get more complex and diverse enabling them to adapt to changing market conditions while having a solid foundation to how they execute their strategy.

And this will be a staple of Bright House Networks continually evolving strategy around how they find, attract and hire candidates in their strategy.


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The next Recruitment Marketing Platform speaking session is today in Las Vegas where CDW’s Troy Heinritz and Marisa Zona will be presenting at the 2014 OHUG Global Conference.

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