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Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from last week about recruitment marketing and other recruitment trends. In this article, we’ll be talking about employee referral programs, retargeting, the candidate experience and pricing psychology.

I’d also like to share news and articles from us this week that you should check out:

Here are the articles that interested us (in no particular order), enjoy!:


Recruit like a Marketer: Retarget Your Recruiting Budget with Retargeting by Holland Dombeck (Holland_Dombeck)

Great concept for recruiting organizations. I’d also add that if you don’t have a capture mechanism pre-application you should do that as well.


Referrals by John Sumser (@JohnSumser)

Any comprehensive blog series from John this time on Referral Programs.  Worth a read.


The 2 Main Problems with Employee Referral Program by Kara Yarnot (@klyarnot)

While on the Referral topic, here’s a great piece from Kara on why programs aren’t as successful as they could be.


5 Things My Vacation Can Teach You about the Candidate Experience by Justin Miller (@staffingreach)

Big fan of this post by Justin Miller. Great learnings on how we need to think about improving the candidate experience.


Applying Pricing-Psychology to HR Decision-Making by Trish McFarlane (@TrishMcFarlane)

Interesting read from Trish on how we can improve our HR decision making by using psychology to our advantage.


Hope you enjoy the list and please connect with me there via Twitter @smashfly.

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