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Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the last week about recruitment marketing and other recruitment trends. This week we’ll be covering Recruitment marketing as an emerging category, the candidate experience, silver medalists, HR’s evolution and sourcing.

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Here are the articles that interested us (in no particular order).


HR Tech Trend Brief: Recruitment Marketing Becomes a Category by George Larocque (@glarocque)

This is an article from George that we fully believe in. As organizations look to consistently and predictably hire qualified talent, they’ll need people, process and technologies that focus on recruitment marketing, the pre-applicant attraction phase of recruitment.  Great read!


Candidate Experience: Rage Against the Machines by Matt Charney (@MattCharney)

Terrific read from Matt on the candidate experience and the realities facing recruiting organizations in how they need to adapt to attract the right talent. The onus is on organizations to attract candidates not candidates to impress companies.


The problem is HR, not HR technology by Brian Sommer (@BrianSSommer)

There has been a lot of great conversation surrounding this post and it’s obvious modern HR is developing the skills to be more data driven and strategic. What are your thoughts on the post?


Why You Shouldn’t Let Go of you Second Choice Candidates by Josh Tolan (@AllThingsBiz)

Great reminder that the apply process and candidate experience is not a straight line but a continuous process of nurturing and engagement. If a marketing organization didn’t try to follow up with prospects that reached the demo stage, would that be acceptable?


#SourceCon Live by Jeremy Roberts (@ImJeremyR)

OK, so this isn’t an article but I encouarge you to check out Jeremy’s weekly conversations via Google Hangouts with thought leaders in the sourcing and recruitment marketing space.  His latest is worth tuning into but there’s a ton more that would be worth perusing.


Hope you enjoy the articles!


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