Every year at this time, we like to look back at the blog articles and content from the past year that were the most popular for us and most useful for our readers. It’s a great way to begin planning our content calendar for the next year with the biggest hot-button issues facing talent acquisition organizations.

Before we get to the blog articles, I did want to promote our most popular content piece of the year which was “Your Buzzword Guide to the Recruiting Conference Season”. This guide provides a great overview of the key trends and terminology being used in the talent acquisition marketplace and explains the significance of each. You can download for free below:

Recruitment Trends

Now onto the most popular blog articles of 2014 (ranked in order of popularity):

1. 3 Key Audiences for Communication in the Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience is becoming incredibly important not only to attract, convert and sell qualified candidates but to improve your relationships with your customers. This Candidate Experience Awards inspired post goes through the audiences that are integral for a successful candidate experience.

  1. Forward Thinking Recruiting Trends for 2014

Every year I like to do a predictions post and this year I did two. Out of the predictions here I believe we’ve just scratched the surface in the potential here in the trends especially in regards to referrals and content strategy.

  1. 3 Disruptive Trends in Recruiting’s Near Future

One similarity in terms of the most popular posts is the demand for insight into where we are going in the recruiting function. This post looks at the trends that will begin impacting talent acquisition results the most in the near future.

  1. Recruiting in 2014 will be about…

Another prediction post that shows the need for multi-faceted recruiting strategies that we are beginning to see being executed and measured by modern recruiting organizations.

  1. Where Are You on the Recruitment Technology Curve?

No matter the business role or function you are in, it’s integral to understand the level of innovation you are looking to achieve. This post goes into the benefits of becoming an early adopter on the next wave of technology and innovation.

  1. A Look at the Talent Acquisition Technology Adoption Curve

The follow-up piece to blog #5 on this list goes into detail on the technologies that are driving talent acquisition execution and measurement for organizations. It takes a look at former innovations that are now mature and the new age technologies that are transforming strategies and business results.

  1. The Next Chapter is Total Recruitment Marketing by Scott Fowle

If you didn’t know, SmashFly received $9 million in Series A round funding in June 2014. Our Sales Leader Scott Fowle wrote this post on the investment, what that means for the “recruitment marketing” category and the trends that we see impacting and transforming talent acquisition organizations.

  1. Data, Metrics and Analytics: The Hierarchy of Knowledge

This November post took a step back from the importance of data and analytics and really looked back at the terms and the meaning of each. Every technology provider uses these terms but few really define them making them interchangeable to fit needs. But to truly measure accurately we need to understand what is involved in the capture, storage, display and analysis of the data that we use to improve our strategies.

  1. 5 Critical Areas to Focus on for Mobile Recruiting

Mobile has greatly impacted how we engage, interact and research. And it will continually have an impact on talent acquisition. This post looks at 5 key areas in the strategy and candidate experience that organizations need to focus on improving for mobile.

  1. Do You Trust Your Recruiting Analytics?

A simple question influenced this blog post on looking at the process of getting comprehensive accurate data to make decisions. As an industry, we focus a majority of our time on the output of data but the input is just as essential. Organizations should not lose sight of that.

Thanks for your loyal reading of this blog and we look forward to providing more useful content in 2015. Happy New Years!

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