Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing and other recruitment trends. This week we’ll be covering employer branding, LinkedIn, systems integration, Talent Analytics and loyal employees.

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Here are the articles that interested us (in no particular order):


Employer Branding Creates Huge Buzz on Twitter #EBChat by QueSocial (@QueSocial)

Great recap on Storify on the inaugral #EBChat Twitter Chat. If interested, join at 12:30 PM ET on the first Thursday of every month.


Systems Integration is Everything for #HRTech in 2015 by Jessica Miller-Merrell (@Blogging4Jobs)

This is a crucial issue for talent acquisition organizations in 2015 and Jessica shares great points on the importance of ensuring all your technology systems integrate and talk to one another in meaningful ways. This is huge for recruitment marketing solutions to integrate with the ATS.


Talent Analytics Key to Unlocking Big Data’s Power by Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro)

Meghan shares the important trends facing talent acquisition and why analytics should be top of mind.


Stories from the D: How Loyal are your Employees? by Tim Sackett (@TimSackett)

Tim addresses one of the biggest human interest stories in the past month and takes a look at what that means for our teams and employees.


It’s No Longer Safe to Lurk on LinkedIn by Bryan Chaney (@BryanChaney)

Bryan shares some updates to LinkedIn and how users see if you visited their LinkedIn profile.


Hope you enjoy the articles!

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