This post was inspired by our new infographic, “The Modern Recruiting Model”, which you can view here.

Tomorrow, we’re going to be a part of the TalentNet Interactive conference in Austin, TX. If you have ever been to the conference it’s a bastion of some of the most forward thinking thought leaders in our space. It’s also an incubator to emerging trends and ideas. This year, you’ll see deep conversations on inbound marketing, branding, content marketing, big data, candidate experience and community building in recruiting / HR.

And while one event, it represents the larger shift and transformation that is all too apparent in talent acquisition and specifically recruitment marketing. Organizations are increasingly understanding the need to build stronger employer brands that provide compelling messaging and consistently demonstrate value to candidates. And there is a huge need to promote this brand through a multi-faceted, multi-source marketing strategy that engages candidates at the various stages in their journey.

However, as we talk about incorporating these marketing strategies into talent acquisition, we rarely discuss the organizational changes that are needed to make the most of these strategies instead lumping these strategies onto the growing tasks that make up our recruiter’s to-do list.

The Modern Recruiting Organization

So what does the modern recruiting organization look like and what skills will our recruiting teams have in the future? In nearly every industry and discipline, specialization has paved the way to better performance whether it’s marketing, sales, development or customer success. In recruiting, we are seeing something similar. Organizations are increasingly looking to bring marketing skills into their recruiting teams to supplement the tremendous relationship and selection skill-sets that already exist in their organization.

Our new “The Modern Recruiting Model” infographic outlines our vision for what the modern recruiting team will look like and the initiatives that will be executed by these teams. To view the infographic click below.

Modern Recruiting

Recruitment Marketing plus Recruitment Equals Modern Recruiting

What you’ll see in the inforgraphic is the new discipline we see growing around recruitment marketing to complement the recruiting skills that already exist on teams. The key here is that the goals of these disciplines will be very different and will align similar to what we see in marketing and sales organizations.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketers will be fully focused on qualified lead generation, or as we mention on the infographic “To Attract Qualified Candidates to Your Employer Brand and Convert Them Into Applicants”. These team members will strive to drive candidates into the top of the funnel.

To do this, they’ll be leveraging multiple channels and initiatives including social engagement, digital marketing channels and improved Career Site optimization, recruitment marketing mix oversight around job boards and other channels, managing and elevating the employer brand and message and the content needed to consistently engage and convert candidates at each stage in their journey. This team will also live off data to do their jobs better and consistently improve their attraction results.


Recruiting team members will be focused on the strategy and tasks required to identify and ultimately close candidates into new employees or as we mention in the infographic “To Match Qualified Applicants To Hiring Managers and Ensure Offer Acceptance”. With this, it requires a tremendous amount of planning and relationship building. Recruiters will be tasked with forming strong ties with business leaders across the organizations to better understand and plan for talent needs (current and future) at each area of the business. It will also require forming great relationships with hiring managers and securing buy-in from each based on the documented talent strategy. All to identify and assess the right candidates for each new open position all while providing a great candidate experience to the candidate.

Working Together for Better Performance

The partnership between recruitment marketing and recruiting teams is one we see helping organizations consistently and predictably improve how they find and acquire talent. It’s one that requires a tremendous relationship between the two groups and a well defined strategy for understanding the current and future needs of the business. This is an organizational structure that can help talent acquisition be a better strategic partner to the enterprise as a whole that ties directly to the overarching goals of the business.




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