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Guide to Inbound MarketingThere’s not even a Wikipedia entry for “recruitment marketing” yet (we’re in the works), so you know it’s a forward-thinking concept. Recently, we worked closely with Matt Charney from Recruiting Daily to create a resource that blended recruitment needs with marketing strategies: thus the “Recruiter’s Guide to Inbound Marketing.” I had quite a few bulbs light up in just reading the first few pages, so I had to share some key points that are too good to keep hidden. (Wait until you read the full guide: it’ll be a whole light store up there.

  1. 85% of the workforce consider themselves “passive candidates.”

Candidate pipelines are built off of passive candidates who may become an optimal and active job seeker down the road. Therefore, recruiters need to work harder than ever before to engage and nurture passive candidates rather than just advertising to the active 15%.

  1. The next best thing in recruiting? It’s been here, just across the pond.

Marketers have already been using and perfecting inbound marketing for attracting and converting customers, which maps nearly directly to recruitment’s sourcing and hiring. Now, organizations are focused on how to build their teams and implement these marketing strategies into a larger recruitment marketing program.

  1. Marketers and recruiters have more in common than you think.

While there are certainly targets, to many marketers, everyone is a potential customer. The same goes for recruitment and potential candidates―the main difference is in the call to action: selling them on your company and culture versus selling them on a product or service. Even the lingo can be paralleled (more on that in the guide).

  1. Not all leads are created equal.

You already know this―you just need to put it into action to start your inbound strategy. Segmenting and prioritizing your target candidates is the first step into clarifying your calls-to-action and content tactics online.

  1. It takes 8 unique touch points to influence a purchasing decision.

Just as customers are getting information and feeling out a brand from reviews to website to social media, candidates are taking multiple steps to decide if you’re a company they want to pursue. You could turn them off at any touch point, so it’s important to understand their experience and what they’re looking for across ALL of your channels and communications.

Ready to dive into the complete “Recruiter’s Guide to Inbound Marketing?” Downloaded it here.

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