Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing and other recruitment trends. This week we’ll be talking about employee referral programs, content marketing for recruiting, interview tips, LinkedIn, technical knowledge and food trucks.

Before we get started here’s our best content and tweet of the week:

Content of the Week: Recruiter’s Guide to Inbound Marketing by Matt Charney (@MattCharney)

Recruiter's Guide to Inbound Marketing







Tweet of the Week:

Here are the articles that interested us (in no particular order):

The World’s Most Effective Referral Approach – Give Me 5 by Dr. John Sullivan (@DrJohnSullivan)

As you put together your employee referral programs, this is a great idea, just ask. I’d also highly recommend Dr. John Sullivan’s other posts on effective employee referral programs.


Your Target Talent is No Longer on LinkedIn by Andy Headworth (@AndyHeadworth)

This is not a new statement but really like how Andy defends his point here. It’s apparent that organizations need to begin building their own talent networks and not rely on LinkedIn for all candidates.


The half-life of technical knowledge by Steve Boese (@SteveBoese)

Good read on the importance of continuous learning and how rapid change is in terms of technical knowledge.


Great Moments in Interviewing As A Candidate – The +1 Strategy by Kris Dunn (@kris_dunn)

Sound advice from Kris that could be a good post to share with your candidates as they prepare for interviews.


Content Marketing as a Food Truck by Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)

Like this analogy from Chris on the purpose of content marketing and how to get the most out of it.


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