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Here’s our weekly feature in which we share our favorite articles about recruitment marketing and other recruitment trends. This week we’ll be talking about candidate experience, Mobilegeddon, recruiting content and getting a new job.

First, two of our other top items this week:

Content of the Week:

Game of Thrones & Talent Acquisition Tech: Who Can Unite the Kingdoms?

Season 5 just kicked off. We’re huge fans. And our CMO wrote an awesome piece.

game of thrones


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Articles of the Week:

Candidates are NOT Customers by Gerry Crispin (@GerryCrispin)

Great post by Gerry taking look at the current state of the candidate experience and where it needs to go.


As you Go by William Tincup (@WilliamTincup)

Good reminder as we look to build a better candidate experience.


Everything you need to know about Google’s New Stance on Mobile by Neil Patel (@neilpatel)

Mobilegeddon is upon us. This is a comprehensive article on what we know and what we can expect from Google’s upcoming algorhithm update, which is expected to be one of the largest in it’s history. If you’re interested in how this impacts talent acquisition, check out our recent post on it.


5 Tips to Find a Job in a New City by Derina Adamczak (@DerinaAd)

This post from Derina is a great example of how helpful and engaging content should be used in your candidate attraction efforts. The key here is to provide value to candidates, and Derina provides straightforward advice on a common candidate issue. Nice post.


Be Bold: Now’s the Best Time in 10 Years to Get a Better Job! by Lou Adler (@LouA)

Good read and good article to pass onto candidates.


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