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I was able to squeeze a tiny bit of time from our VP of Engineering’s schedule to talk about SmashFly, development, and most importantly, rocking out.

How has SmashFly progressed in the last five years?
I’m in a unique situation where I knew, from a distance, what was going on at SmashFly from the very beginning [Tim happens to be the brother of our CEO Mike Hennessy]. Like so many good ideas, SmashFly started from a simple concept and grew into the market-leading recruitment platform that it is today. The company was successful from the start and continued its success organically. Now we’re expanding on our early success to be the Recruitment Marketing Platform for the masses.

Favorite song to rock out to?
This is an impossible question! And I reserve the right to change my answer each day of the week. Today, I’m going to go with “Something to Believe In” by Parachute. Turn it up loud!

Who of the SmashFly team would you most like to pull a prank on and why?
I’m not much of prank-puller, but I guess it would be Billy. Billy is part of the SmashFly DNA, and anything I could do to make him (eventually) laugh and enjoy being who he is at SmashFly would be fun and satisfying.

Best advice you can give to an organization looking to embrace recruitment marketing?
The days of sending out a job requisition and hoping the phone rings are long gone, everyone knows that. In today’s digitally-connected world, companies need purpose-fit technology to help communicate their brand and find new talent. It’s competitive out there, and you need the right tools to get the job done.

What is misunderstood about engineers/developers?
From my personal experience, many people think engineers/developers are all about being “techy,” when in fact most of us have a great deal of creativity. The design and implementation of software is not a connect-the-dots, left-brain exercise. There is quite a bit of room to design and build things in a way that is pleasing and smart in different ways.

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