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It’s that time again: Our weekly feature on the best articles in recruitment marketing and other talent acquisition trends (and this week, an extra something a little off-topic). But first, our top content piece and tweet.

Content of the Week

After all the anticipation this month, Mobilegeddon finally arrived on Tuesday. Download our Mobile Recruiting Strategy Checklist to guide you in optimizing your career site and implementing a full mobile strategy.

mobile recruiting checklist



Tweet of the Week

Really excited to start working with Will Staney and Bryan Chaney of Twilio, one of our newest customers!

Articles of the Week

An honest, thorough perspective on “Why Every Sourcer Should Be Using a Recruiting CRM” (preferably one integrated with other efforts, like a talent search engine) via @HiringSolved.


@Holland_Dombeck outlines how to pass Google’s Mobile-Friendliness Test and mentions some third-party providers that can help with your mobile career site in “Mobilegeddon: Did You Survive?” via @FistfulofTalent.


How about these employer value props? The Best Recruiting Lines of All Timefrom the Marines to Google to Booker T. Washington. Read them.


Just when you thought Mobilegeddon was too much, the Apple Watch comes and changes workplace connectivity and mobile navigation even more. “How the Apple Watch Might Change Your Work Life” via CNBC.


And lastly, because many of us at SmashFly feel the same way, Matthew McConaughey’s epic “reaction” to the upcoming Star Wars film. Would you expect anything else.



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