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It’s that time again: Our weekly feature on the best articles in recruitment marketing and other talent acquisition trends. But first, our top content piece and tweet.

Content of the Week

Our CMO Lori Sylvia shares her perspective on what’s broken in recruiting and how to fix it, inspired by results of Bersin’s 2015 Talent Acquisition Factbook.

Whats Broken in Recruiting



Tweet of the Week

The box has spoken. We’re ready for its unveiling on 5.5.2015. Guess what’s inside @smashfly.


Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

The Anatomy of the Perfect Recruitment Email by Roxanne Abercrombie. 

In only 5 steps, posted on @RecruitingBlogs.


HR Should Think Like a Designer by Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann).

Interesting post on if companies used the aesthetic and emotional components of “design” at the forefront of their employee communication.


The Exact Hiring Formula That Will Help You Find the Right People by Camille Ricketts (@camillericketts) on Fast Company.

Inspired by Eric Feng of Hulu (and the great quote “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”), Camille offers a thorough blueprint of how to build an exceptional team. Data, inbound marketing, referrals: We’re picking up what you’re putting down.


Silver Medalists—Reconsider Those Who Came Close to Getting Hired by Dr. John Sullivan (@drjohnsullivan).

Dr. Sullivan shares the advantages of revisiting “second best’ candidates—and 19 other categories of candidates who could have been.


Viv Will Replace Your Smartphone With Your Fridge and Then Take Over the World by Esquire (@Esquire).

Who says headlines need to be short when they can be awesome? Not recruiting related, but definitely a technology that could change how we interact with and find information. And that’s relevant to everyone.

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