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smashfly 15Today we’re announcing a new version of SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform. We’re calling it SmashFly 15, to reflect all of the new product features and capabilities coming to SmashFly customers this year.

I often talk about our philosophy in terms of formulas (must be my roots in aerospace engineering). At SmashFly, we believe that R+RM=MR: Recruiting plus Recruitment Marketing equals a successful Modern Recruiting strategy. What I mean is that recruiters are focused on the immediate need of filling reqs. The role of recruitment marketing is to build a network of qualified candidates for the long-term pipeline.

Guided by Customers

When it comes to product development, we have another formula: AC+IP=S15. Thanks to our “amazing customers” combined with our “innovative passion” for recruitment marketing, we’re bringing the most significant new product to market in our eight-year history: “SmashFly 15.”

We’re fortunate to count some of the most forward-thinking talent acquisition organizations among our customers, like Bright House Networks, Nestlé Purina, Twilio, CDW and CH2M, among many others. It’s because of them we evolved from job distribution in 2007 to CRM in 2010 to a full Recruitment Marketing Platform in 2012 with mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized career sites, social recruiting, talent networks and recruiting analytics. Now in 2015, we’re adding employee referrals, with a SmashFly twist, of course (read on!).

This partnership with our customers has led us to deliver a centralized management system that automates and measures all their recruiting strategies and programs so they can eliminate the siloes of disconnected software tools in the front-end of talent acquisition. And it’s because of this tremendous collaboration we have with them that we have raised the bar again with SmashFly 15.

Recruiting Consumer-Minded Candidates

This product release is a major milestone not only for our company, but more importantly, I believe, for the recruitment marketing discipline.

Recruitment marketing isn’t new. What’s different is that the talent acquisition universe has changed. Thanks to the internet and influence of social and mobile, candidates have become like consumers. They research a new employer in the same way they research products and services they want to buy, and they expect the experience of engaging with a prospective employer to have a similar consumer feel.

Today’s candidates are well-informed about who you are and what you represent as an employer long before they’re ready to talk with a recruiter or apply for a job. They’re following you on LinkedIn and Twitter, reading reviews of your managers on Glassdoor and checking out your latest blog posts and YouTube videos. The decision to take their career to your organization can involve as many as 12 touch points with your employer brand and content, the last of which may finally be a job description. The trend is being called the consumerization of the candidate experience.

With candidates behaving like consumers, we believe the best way to attract and convert them is using best-practice marketing principles in recruiting. It takes new skills like employer branding, email marketing, lead nurturing and social engagement—and of course, it takes modern, purpose-built recruitment marketing software.

SmashFly 15 = Modern Recruiting

Enter SmashFly 15. Over the past year, we’ve developed and improved our platform’s powerful capabilities to make recruitment marketing even easier, personalized, branded and measurable. SmashFly 15 will help our customers build higher quality pipelines, faster and smarter, by:

Redefining employee referral programs. Recruiters rarely say they need a higher volume of applicants. Rather, what they need is better quality. With referrals making up one third of new hires, everyone knows how important they can be. But outrageously big rewards and gimmicks like gamification have cluttered the true value of a referral—a recommendation, not just a name. SmashFly 15 ensures referral quality by validating the sponsor-candidate relationship and by leveraging an organization’s complete network (employees, former employees, customers, partners, vendors, etc.) to discover great hires.

Trusting their recruiting analytics. Still using a spreadsheet to report to senior management? How confident are you in what you’re reporting? With the ability to manage referrals from the same Recruitment Marketing Platform recruiters use to manage all other recruiting channels, SmashFly 15 becomes the first to provide empirical data comparing the true value of referrals to other external sources of hire consistently, systematically and agnostically, not by candidate self-selection or other inaccurate methods.

Personalizing the candidate experience. There’s nothing like having customers who are repeated CandE Award winners to stretch how you can support them taking their candidate experience to the next level. And the next frontier is around personalization. With SmashFly 15, customers can dynamically embed content (text, videos, images) in job descriptions and talent network forms based on the individual job, delivering the right message to the right candidate at the right time, to drive higher applicant conversion rates.

Controlling their employer brand. We’re not an agency that will create your employer brand. Our role is to provide a software platform that helps you to control your brand consistently across all recruiting channels. Now, customers can create a media library of approved content and design assets that recruiters can use to bring job descriptions and email campaigns to life, along with a suite of built-in templates to help jump-start campaigns.

Simplifying usage and improving automation. We know recruiters are under tremendous pressure to do more and get better results. We’ve invested the past year in understanding how our customers work in our platform each and every day, and how we could make our software even easier to use. SmashFly 15’s modern UI will enable users to see the insights of their data more clearly and get work done faster through a responsive design, a re-architected user experience and intelligent automation of daily tasks.

On a Mission

I’m sure you’ve seen the rocket icon that’s part of our brand identity. It isn’t just a cool image, it truly is our core. At SmashFly, we’re on a mission to take recruitment marketing to new heights. But where this rocket goes isn’t totally up to me or the SmashFly team—when we let our customers drive, the journey is even more satisfying.

Join us for a webinar on June 17 to learn more about SmashFly 15. Register here»

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