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It’s that time again: Our weekly feature on the best articles in recruitment marketing and other talent acquisition trends. But first, our top content piece and tweet.

Content of the Week

We just recently released the findings from our Employee Referral Programs Survey. Lots of great findings to be had in the report: http://t.co/gr0ePnAAFu

Employee Referral Survey



Tweet of the Week

Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

Recruitment is Marketing: Are You Ready for that? by Greg Savage (@greg_savage)

This is one of the better pieces on marketing principles needed for recruiting. This isn’t new, it’s already here.


What Range of Social Media Tools Do You Use? Here is My Toolbox by Andy Headworth (@AndyHeadworth)

Andy shares a tremendous set of tools to use to monitor and execute your social strategy.


Get With the Program by Audrey Roth

Nice overview of the impact of mobile and considerations needed for your recruitment marketing strategy.


HR and Marketing Mindset by Steve Boese (@SteveBoese)

Steve shares his thoughts on the growing trend of a marketing mindset in all aspects of HR.


Recruiting: It’s a Matter of Trust by Derek Zeller (@DerDiver)

Great reminder on the importance of individual relationships with the candidates that we are recruiting.


Hope you enjoy the articles!

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