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How much do you love when Amazon recommends a similar or better product than the one you were searching for? What about the retailer that sends customized emails with new reviews and deals based on what you’ve browsed? Or when Amazon alerts you that you left items in your shopping cart? Imagine if your job search experience was that engaging and supportive. Better yet, imagine if you could provide your potential candidates an experience that amazing. One that moves them along in the process based on their needs; one that offers them positions and content based on what they’ve read and shown interest in; one that is more personal and individualized without having to significantly increase your recruiters’ time.

Learn how you can better create that experience in our upcoming webinar, “How to Be the Amazon of Recruitment.”

Amazon and other leading consumer sites are data geniuses―and it makes their customer experiences seamless, proactive and helpful. They are constantly figuring out ways to learn more about their audience and measure the success of their journey in order to improve the experience.

It’s no secret that recruiting’s candidate engagement methods are well behind these optimal customer engagement methods employed by marketers. Talent acquisition is missing key information about their candidates, as well as the technology that can help them gather and store that information. But the opportunity is there―and now.

Join HireVue’s Porter Williams and SmashFly’s Chris Brablc as they provide insight into the shift of candidate engagement from static profiles in the ATS to rich, dynamic profiles in the CRM. They’ll use real-world examples of marketing engagement leaders to inspire actionable best practices that will help your organization build a personalized, robust candidate experience.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • What Amazon can teach you about personalizing the candidate experience
  • How better candidate profiles can help you start recruiting smarter
  • Five essential data points that should be in every candidate profile
  • The technologies needed to provide a consumer-grade experience with your employer brand
  • How to build targeted nurture campaigns to better engage candidates and convert them into applicants

Don’t just aspire to be like Amazon. Start acting.

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