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It’s that time again: Our weekly feature on the best articles in recruitment marketing and other talent acquisition trends. But first, our top content piece and tweet.


Content of the Week

Our CMO Lori Sylvia discusses what’s next in referral programs (they’re not just “employee-only!) based on the findings in our recent survey.

Redefining ERP cover




Tweet of the Week

Join us for a joint webinar with Porter Williams of HireVue on how to use candidate data to personalize their experience and hire smarter.


Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

Yes, Content Can Save Your Job Descriptions by James Ellis (@thewarfortalent)

An honest assessment on how creating job descriptions can turn into Groundhog Day—and how thinking bigger than just the job can turn your descriptions into actual content.


How Fast is Too Fast? by Tim Sackett (@Tim Sackett)

It sounds like a relationship line. Well it is, sort of. Tim compares communication between candidate and company to a new relationship—and explains how technology might be pushing it too quickly.


An Unconventional Solution to Filling the 5 Million Open U.S. Jobs by Himanshu Aggarwal (@himanshu0820) in @FastCompany

Love this perspective on the “information void” in talent acquisition and three interesting ways to fix it.


How to Make Complicated Problems Very Simple by Donald Miller (@donaldmiller)

The framework of simple communication in seven steps. All are relevant for recruiting organizations, but number one is powerful: You are never the hero. You assist the candidate in being the hero.


#HootHROS and Why Best Practices in HR are Broken by Lance Haun (@thelance)

Lance discusses Open Source HR Project, a new initiative from Hootsuite and Amplify Talent’s Lars Schmidt (@ThisiLars), and why he’s most interested in hearing what fails (you’ll read why).


Get reading (it’s Friday after all)! Also, it’s the last day to register for the 2015 Candidate Experience Awards. Get involved and learn from (or be selected as) the best.

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