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2015 BBJBestPlaces logoAt SmashFly, we help organizations market their employer brands to attract more qualified candidates. I know how important it is to their recruiting strategy when they are recognized for creating a great candidate experience or being a best place to work. Our awesome customers have earned some big honors recently: CH2M and McGraw-Hill Financial winning Candidate Experience awards; CDW ranking in the Top 25 on Glassdoor for Culture and Values; and The Cheesecake Factory named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work.

So when SmashFly was named recently as one of Boston’s Best Places to Work, I was both excited and humbled. Excited because the recognition will help support our own recruitment marketing efforts as we continue our rapid pace of growth. And humbled that our employees think so highly of the culture we’ve built (hear it from their perspective on Glassdoor!)

Creating a work environment where employees are positive and motivated is not by accident. It is strategically important to the success of our business.

That’s because SmashFly is an SaaS company. We don’t sell our customers a software license―we offer them a subscription to our service. It’s a totally different mindset. And it’s the reason why our Customer Success team is the largest team in the company.

If you want to see what being a Best Place to Work means for our customers, here’s what they’ve said about SmashFly employees:

“One of the reasons we work with SmashFly is because they have the flexibility to create custom solutions on a nimble if not real-time basis.”

“I was thinking this morning how much of a seamless transition this has been. I truly appreciate the time you have spent helping us and answering the same questions over and over.”

“We have discussed many times how grateful we are for having been able to walk through this process with someone so patient, kind & helpful. From Day 1 we were walked through the process with an open mind and a willingness to help us learn. We are truly grateful to have had this help during this process, especially the confidence built in our companies’ relationship.” 

When I started SmashFly in 2007, I had a vision of what it could become. I wanted to build a technology platform that would help organizations build a better workforce to drive business results. And I wanted to build an “employee first” work mentality versus the traditional “customer first” mantra. Here’s why: When you focus on your employees and your culture―creating an environment where they thrive and feel supported, inspired and challenged―then they will want to exceed expectations for the benefit of the customer. If you invest in a world-class culture and world-class employees, your end product to your customers will always follow suit.

I strive each and every day to work towards those goals, and I’m proud every Smasher is with me in the journey. As long as our team feels SmashFly is a great place to work, I’m confident our customers will continue to view us as a great partner to work with.

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